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  1. dino-m

    Website down

    Hello to all. I have question why is server Stoli always offline? Thx.
  2. dino-m

    World of warcraft (WoW)

    WoW. For me one of the best games. Does someone play it? :biggrin: Reason I like it is huge map and lot of ppl playing it.
  3. dino-m

    My new site!

    I make site for mine favourite game on (Warcraft 3)! It is called dota! Plz rate my site 1-5! !:happysad:
  4. dino-m

    Wow patch 1.9.4 for Mac

    Plz can someone find patch 1.9.4 for MAC ! I trying to find him but nothing!
  5. dino-m

    MSN Messenger invite!

    Can someone send to my PM messenger invite? I've give you some points!
  6. dino-m

    My sig!

    Plz rate my signature and tell my what are you think!
  7. dino-m

    Your favourite F1 driver

    Who is your favourite F1 driver! My is Fernando Alonso!!
  8. dino-m

    Rate animation!

    Please rate my first animated avatar! 1-10
  9. dino-m

    Your favourite Football club?

    In Croatia is HNK Rijeka In Spain is FC Barcelona In England is Man'Utd In Italy is Inter! :grin:
  10. dino-m


    Hello I'm Dino!I'm from Croatia! This is the great forum and hosting!! :grin: