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  1. shifattk

    WordPress Jetpack locked my own IP out.

    Hello fellas, I barely post here but that's because I barely have any issues with the hosting service, even though it is free. :D Just now, I tried to edit my website through wordpress ( and I was presented with with a message saying "Your IP (xxx.xx.xx.x) has been flagged...
  2. shifattk

    Main Website Down?

    I can't seem to access I get this error: Any Ideas? Is it just me or is the site actually getting an error?
  3. shifattk

    Laptop HDD Making Screeching noises?

    Hi there, Lately, I have been hearing sudden "screeching" noises coming from the right side of my laptop. The sound is similar to the sound a buzz-saw makes when you start cutting a plank. I'm guessing it is the Hard Drive since that is where it is placed. It could be the CD/DVD Combo Drive...
  4. shifattk

    How to redirect 404 to a custom page?

    Whenever someone clicks on a wrong link on my website or goes to an invalid directory, I would like to redirect them to the custom page that I made right here: Any way to do this using any method? Thanks in advance. Shifat Taushif Website :
  5. shifattk

    Setup configuration for iOS 5.1.1?

    I tried to set this up on my iPod Touch 4th Gen. with iOS 5.1.1. I used the PPTP option on the settings panel and filled it in with the right address. When I try to turn on VPN, it gives me an error message saying : "you were disconnected by the communication device. Try reconnecting. If...