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  1. celebrid

    I am from Argentina, and i can not update my email

    Hello, i am Carlos Octavio from Argentina ... I have registered with a domain but it is not available anymore ... so i enter the panel and wanted to reset my email address ... but when i get the mail, and when I clicked to confirm the new email address, this appears : Array ( [0] => [1]...
  2. celebrid

    Greetings from Argentina

    Hello ! i am carlos octavio, from Rosario (Argentina)... I am 42 y/o and i am running here a celebs forum with pics, and info ! Nice to meet you all !
  3. celebrid

    Can't establish a connection to the server at

    Hello ! I signed up for an account few weeks ago and made my SMF forum in spanish... i logged in into cpanel yesterday or 2 days ago... but now when i want to enter my forum, to add new content... i encountered this error... I did not upload any script, didn´t do anything... just wanted 2 enter...