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    Unable to make any folder or file or even make a fp account

    Hello i just made a new account from suspension but i am unable to make even a single folder ot file or even a ftp accunt, kindly help\\ DomainL
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    Kindly reinstate my account

    Hello my account is attached with forum account. I was too busy in my examination that i forgot to login the forums for long time and now i have a suspended account, kindly reinstate, i tried signing up for new account but that request was automatically denied i guess! kindly help. Thanks
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    Unable to navigate further from homepage

    Hello, i have just moved a drupal test site from universal server (apache Local server) to x10hosting free account. BUt i am unable to navigate further from homepage: click on anything and it says an error first there was internal server error 500 and now its...
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    What is the php.ini memory limit for premium accounts

    Hello i just want to know that what is the allowed memory limit for php? can it be changed via htaccess method? i want to use drupal with few modules which require at least 128 mb memory. Thanks.
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    When logged in as admin in drupal "Lost connection to MySQL server"

    When not logged in as admin than i can access all of the site, but i cannot go beyond after logging in as admin. the errorr: Lost connection to MySQL server
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    cpanel login attempt failed

    I have already seen the suspension and notification area but it does not correct my error, i was not suspended. I have tries to changed the password and it does but that password does not logs me in??? Kindly help me. Thanks.
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    Database Error

    Hello. I just saw my website after the server wide database updates and its not working. How do i fix it? Thanks.
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    Unable to login into cpanel

    Hello. I am unable to access cpanel, it does not even loads it while everything else is working even the domain is working. My username is safwan while domain is
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    "no site" account suspension

    i am unable to login into cpanel. my site is drupal is at If i will be allowed to login into cpanel i may forward to Kindly unsuspend me. Thanks.
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    I need help from server admin. Kinldy enable shell_exec() for my account.

    Hello. My domain name is I have installed a journal CMS on the website: The CMS requires shell_exec() function. It gives me an error when i try to upload an image file through the CMS configuration screen. Warning: shell_exec() has been disabled for...
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    I have used this service for few months now. Its very nice.
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    Blank Site. Help.

    Hello my site is completely blank: . I am using this OJS 2.2 content management system with php upgraded to intermediate level. And there is no "mysqli" word in the whole config file; this CMS uses! Kindly assure us that all of our sites will work after the maintenence/upgrade...
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    My site is vanished!

    Hello. I was working on my site. Today there is no data on the site! Kindly provide guidance. I can log into x10 hosting and cpanel but my site is blank. Thanks.