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  1. ozlocrazoontus31

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year everyone :-)
  2. ozlocrazoontus31

    My x10hosting account.

    Can I please get a upgrade on my hosting account :) I have been with you guys sence: April 15 2010 :) If you can give me an upgrade I would Enjoy it a lot my hosting username is: ooger1 If you can please let me know :) -Thanks
  3. ozlocrazoontus31

    Hosting accound :)

    I have been hosting a accound here for a while now can i have a upgrade on my hosting accound??? :)
  4. ozlocrazoontus31

    x10hosting Pumpkin Decorating Competition!

    This is the best i could do :) I dont have a piece of paper with my username in each photo but my username to the accound is: ooger1
  5. ozlocrazoontus31

    Installing a script :)

    ok, every thing is there, but it says no I need help!
  6. ozlocrazoontus31

    Installing a script :)

    now i get when will it get fixed.. :) Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in /home/ooger1/public_html/CodeIgniterCore/codeigniter/Common.php on line 123 Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in...
  7. ozlocrazoontus31

    Installing a script :)

    when i install a script i get this - Index of /Qommunication2/Qommunication2/Qommunication/UPLOAD/ Name Last modified Size Description --------------------------------------------------------------------------------[ERROR] Can not open directory for URI...
  8. ozlocrazoontus31

    Website help

    i get this ERROR Message when getting webmail working: Data folder: Error, data folder path discovery failure. /home/ooger1/public_html/webmail/webmail/inc_settings_path.php file doesn't exist (or PHP process does not have permissions to check this file for existance). so can someone help me...
  9. ozlocrazoontus31


    Thnaks it worked but i found out that its not a good :)
  10. ozlocrazoontus31

    WOW - Hard Installation

    Thats cool!!!
  11. ozlocrazoontus31

    X10Hosting Gamer Tag Listing

    Its now online? x10gaming? cool.. :)
  12. ozlocrazoontus31

    Can your hardware run that game?

    Thanks for the link :)
  13. ozlocrazoontus31

    x10Hosting's Community Minecraft Server

    I like the game lord of the rings online
  14. ozlocrazoontus31


    Cool to know that.....LOL :)
  15. ozlocrazoontus31

    Good Old Games

    Street fighter is old but good... :)
  16. ozlocrazoontus31

    Good Fighters?

    Street fighter...was good :)
  17. ozlocrazoontus31

    the best games ever

    Lord of the rings
  18. ozlocrazoontus31

    What game do you think is the easiest to play?

    the game i think is easiest to play is "lord of the rings online" :)
  19. ozlocrazoontus31

    Huge List Of Free MMO Games

    Lord of the rings online... its fun game :)
  20. ozlocrazoontus31

    Good Cheap Domain Registrar

    Cheap $$$$ thats cheap. :)