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    Site Down

    It ended up being a DNS issue. I couldn't get my site to come up unless I typed in www. prior to it for most of the day. The issue was with .tk and not you guys, thank you for your reply. As always any support is greatly appreciated from your staff here at x10.
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    Site Down

    Hello, When i try to visit my site ( I get sent to either or I had this problem earlier today as well, but flushing my DNS seemed to work but isn't doing a thing this time. I had...
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    I want to learn PHP

    The best resource to learn PHP really is There are a lot of tutorials out there that can be found on Google on basic structure of php and how to keep your code clean and friendly. Once you have the basics down use and do research, practice and keep at it until you get it. If...
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    Prime Membership

    Hey, I really need an answer on this. Everything is complete and payment is made in full and I have yet to receive any of the benefits. I have all my payment information pasted above, so if anyone could please look into this other than saying it's been referred to someone else I'd appreciate...
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    Prime Membership

    I still see nothing done and wondering what's happening with this?
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    When I try to log-in to cPanel I get an error code DEADBEEF and when I try to pull up a category on my web-store I get 1030 Got error 28 from storage engine I have have learned that this means that there isn't enough space left on the partition to complete the request. My site is really small...
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    Prime Membership

    Below is what I got from paypal. ---------------------------------------------------------------- You have successfully signed up for a subscription to Prime Membership Subscription using PayPal. Your first subscription payment, for $4.95 USD, has already been sent to x10Hosting...
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    Prime Membership

    Hello, I have ordered a "Prime Membership" just wondering how long it takes for your company to take me from being a "Standard Member" to being a "Prime Member" and making sure the subscription is from the time you move my account over to the new membership rather than the day I paid. ~ V
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    TOS Question

    Hello, I am currently writing an information guide and would like to inform people about the free/paid services that are offered by x10hosting. I was wondering if using any information and or screen shots (With all account information blacked out) inside this guide would be against the TOS...
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    E-mail help

    Hello, I currently have a zen-cart installation on my x10hosting account. I am having trouble with emailing login information, welcome e-mails, so on and so forth. I am also having trouble with the webmail in cPanel so not sure if these two issues are the same issue of if there is something I...
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    Paid Staff- Offering Company Stake... Web-Developement

    Hey John Klyne, I wish I had the experience to work on a project on a payment processing company, but sadly I have a hard to even calling my-self a novice in php/mysql. If you can't find the people on here maybe try as they allow offers for long term web development and system...
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    Is there anyone has good PHP Scaffold Class?

    I'm not sure if this is what you're asking for but have you tried
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    Problem with file_get_contents

    Try this: <?php $url = ''; $img = 'stok.jpg'; file_put_contents($img, file_get_contents($url)); ?> Sorry I don't know how to do the whole php code thing.
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    This is more than possible. If you create your dir /en you can reinstall phpbb into that dir and a temp database (I simply called my 2nd database throwaway). Once installed you can go into the config.php file inside the root folder of the /en installation and change the database settings to...
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    Mail Question?

    Just bumping the message. The mail service still isn't available (seemed to have went down during the host migration). It's not a HUGE worry as it'll be mainly for password retrieval if a customer forgets their password and maybe a bi-monthly news letter with that months specials.
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    Possible Link Exchange?

    I am currently building a Christian/Jewish import store with Zen Cart. I was am pondering the thought of adding a links section to the site. You can check out my progress at If interested in a possible link exchange please let me know.
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    Problem with file_get_contents

    I am not 100% certain of this but I have read in the past that x10hosting doesn't allow file_get_contents from outside it's network (probably for security reasons). I would suggest rather than connecting to an outside server to create a dir on the x10host and use it's file path. $image =...
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    Where do I...

    Are you trying to install your forum?
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    Mail Question?

    I believe I saw that the SMPT mail servers where down due to the move yesterday. I was wondering if they are still down at this moment for maintenance or if they are back up online? I have tried to set up the mail client in ZenCart for SMPT service and my outlook for pop3 and I can't get either...
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    Is hosting server boru down?

    I see a lot of posts asking questions about them not being able to log into their cPanel and their site is giving an error (or fatal error). I am on hosting server boru and I everything was working fine until here just a few moments ago (within the hour at least) and now I am getting a 503...