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    What's your favourite RPG?

    knights of the old republic for sure!
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    PSP vs DS

    I think the DS really focuses on games and does them better than the PSP. The PSP is good for a gadget-fan because it can replace the ipod and even the cell phone with Skype, so that's good, but the games just aren't as fun as Nintendo hits like pokemon, mario kart, new super mario bros, and...
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    Hey there

    Hi all, I'm Marty. Read this was a really good host on a list of webhosts on google so decided to use it to try and learn web design skills. I study English and writing in NY and trying to develop some computer skills to help me find a career. I used to play with FrontPage, Flash, and stuff way...
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    check out my xhtml+css+xml+xslt + some ajax site :P

    Hi Yann, I looked at your site, and I really like the cycling pictures and quotes. It would be cool if you could make them cycle based on something like a pseudo-style -- based on how the end user interacts with the site. But then it might confuse people to think the quote/picture is relevant to...
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    New person's first site (or not)

    Well, I've never used web development tools outside of drag-and-drop online things and blog templates, so I'm very new at this, but I want to learn it because web design seems a more and more essential career skill, and seems like a powerful creative canvas too. Anyways, though, this site isn't...
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    my site

    I agree. A lot of everyday people scaled back to 1024x768 during the CRT-to-LCD transition because the cheap-o LCDs only go that high. I myself can't go higher than 1024x768 because I'm using a 32 in. 720p set for a monitor.
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    Nintendo Wii

    I like the Wii primarily because the other two consoles have (and I have no clue why) geared their consoles such that there are almost no good local multiplayer games. I just don't think it makes sense that if I want to play Call of Duty 4 with my brother I have to buy another Xbox 360, you...