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    Checkout my Personal Portfolio Website

    Nice design. Simple, clean but artiastic. Well done! However, try to avoid bottom scrolls that appear in places as in the 'about me' page.
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    x10Hosting Double Everything Special!

    Already doubled! gr8 service!
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    x10Hosting Double Everything Special!

    I am from India and was so excited by your offer that I signed up for it almost as soon as I read it! Now eagerly waiting for the upgrades! (By the way I have gone for the 'double everything' offer and an annual inactivation prevention plan for $3 along with it) I love you guys at the...
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    Come check out my Technology Forum!

    well done! icons are great!. . .cool n slique with no curves!
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    Website Complete

    nice theme. . .i love it! i am a pro web designer as well and must tell you - you have done a gr8 job mate! 'simple is the best way to have it and give it' - your work defines this mantra! keep it up!
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    Please plz review my new site

    vol7ron is need to work on the web is sooo empty! and moreover too thick...I mean the vertical height...should reduce it to avoid forcing new visitors to scroll in order to read the content. Design is fine. By the way the widget at the extreme end of your left column is...
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    Website review

    True. . .you have a lot of work to do. . .i think you should start with reading books/articles on designing and then proceed to learning codes!. . .your design is simply awful. . .in fact it's a pain to look at. Please don't be hurt. . .you just need a little tutorage from a person who is...
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    Delta Burnt • e107 website

    neat and trim. . .a bit linux in look. . .the module positions need to be checked. . .i am sure you are still working on the design and look of the website. best wishes here!
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    Absolutely true. . .your banner/header needs some change man!. . .the meaning is wrong and the graphics. . .pixelated. The dark theme is fine but for a personal weblog I would suggest a lighter theme. Your theme is more appropriate for a gaming site. Best of luck!
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    check out my xhtml+css+xml+xslt + some ajax site :P

    Other than the technical aspect, from a designer's point of view, I feel that you should change the color combinations for your website. You can work on the banner as well. . .I feel it is a bit boring.
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    Simply Great!

    This is real fun! X10Hosting is surely one of the best hosting sites i have ever come across. . .and that too for free! Keep it up mates! My best wishes are always there for you! rudrorc