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    plz review my site

    That looks quiet nice, keep up the good work, but there is no need to tell evryone your age, to some people it is a bad impression
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    Review my website template

    Thats good!! Is it the metal border a background image?
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    review my template

    That looks pretty good, better than any of mine, good work
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    Help make my website, 800 points!

    I really need help making a website in HTML editor I am willing to give up all my points (800) for someone to help me make a website, pm me or just reply. Nick
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    Hoempage not working

    Hi, My Cpanel is working fine but my homepage doesn't work, can yo etll me why? Nickmagic
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    Cpanel and Homepage Not working

    When I click the link to my Cpanel log in( it doesn't work, and this is the same for the homepage, why doesn't it work??? Please help. When I click the links it just comes to a page that says: The page cannot be displayed The page you are looking for is currently...
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    Forum account and Cpanel

    My friend made a forum account here, he can log in but he cant post, He said that when he made a forum account he didn't recieve and confirmation email, He tried to contact you about this but he found you can only on the forums, so he asked me to help. His username is "jsammy", do you think you...
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    Image Inserting Problem

    I was in Cpanel, and I uploaded some images (one by one) and I went and edited the index and I only could insert 2 of them, I tried to type in the name of the other images but it inserted this small image that had a little cross in it, what can I do??? Does it have something to do with the image...
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    Account Activation Problems

    Hey I made an account (other one terminated) and I didn;t get a confirmation email, so I asked staff whether I was in the queue and he/she said I was, But he/she told me to post this here if I didnt get my account activitated within 24 hours, I believe that it has been 24 hours, what do I do...
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    Terminating an account-Urgent-Plz Help

    Hi, If I want to terminate my account then change it to an ad free account, will be guaranteed that I will get a new account??? Because I dont want to keep waiting, I am scared my account may not be made. Nickmagic
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    Signing Up Problem

    I know I am supposed to be patient, but I have signed up like 80 times and I never get an account, I almost gave up, Can someone please help me, I really need a host, or shall I find a diffrent host, I heard that this host is really good. please pm me if you can help, or just reply