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    Google offers free internet

    Found this on goolge today Free Internet from Google Incase you haven't guessed it is one of ther april fools jokes. I got a good laugh from it. Did you like the joke?
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    About the Ad checking script

    Why don't you write an add checking script that allows users to check whether or not the site complies with the add policy, This could probably help newbies who like some officalfeedback on whether they've done it correctly.
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    404 error pages

    Just out of curiousity how come 404 error pages aren't being controlled by x10. anymore? Just a side note: I created a 404 page of my own and the shtml varibles like request url aren't being processed. eg: <!--#echo var="REQUEST_URI" --> remains a comment
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    server status from x10hosting

    You know how cpanel has the service status link? I was just thinking is it possible for the server status to be displayed as a link in these forums. This is so when they can't access cpanel/website they know whether something is wrong with the server.
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    Site Suspened

    cPanel Username: Mikekx1 Subdomain: How long your account has been up: since June 2005 Did you have the ads placed on every page: Yes I did have adds on every page
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    Happy Birthday to Me

    Its my 18th birthday today 17/8 Yay!:grin:
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    What is the Best VG console?

    I started this thread to debate the best video game console ever. I think the best console for single player is the PS2 because it has a wide selection of games, useful controller arrangement. However I think the PS2 is useless for multiplayer gaming. The best console for multiplayer I...
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    Have you seen

    I was just wondring how many have seen the QDB at It contains various quotes from IRC chat. Some of them are really funny.
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    Help placing adds in PNphpBB2

    my site is I need some help to place adds so they show up in the PNphpBB module. I want them at the top center of the page. They show up on all other pages. Please help. If this questions has already been aswered please just give me the link, I have looked but couldn't...
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    Add Suggestion

    My suggestion is when you install a script through Cpanel or fantastico, is have it with an option to place the adds automatically. Like Top Center, top right etc.