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  1. mike16889

    Question about TOS

    thanx just wanted to make sure...
  2. mike16889

    Question about TOS

    in the terms of service it say's i was wondering if a website made and maintained by me and only ever edited by me but for someone else would be allowed? see my parents have a buissness that needs a website, there getting me to build it but its basicly just a page with an contact info and...
  3. mike16889

    check out my xhtml+css+xml+xslt + some ajax site :P

    it looks realy good but you may want to change the white on the main background to another colour its abit hard on the eyes to go from orange to white...
  4. mike16889

    What do you think?

    looks good but i got a coupla tips for ya: 1. use divs instead of tables were possible. and 2. use "min-hight" attribute in your css to streach the site out abit more no matter how much content there is a value around 500px for the main content area should work! other than those it looks...
  5. mike16889

    How does it look so far?

    the theme looks good but the banner is'nt exactly the best (sorry). as for the forum there is to much light in it it sort of blinds you agenst every thing else and some of the text is unreadable becouse it is nearly the same colour as the background. but other than that the sites good and...
  6. mike16889

    check out my new script!!!

    i have been working on a pritty simple PHP script and i was wondering what you guy's thought about it. FlashPlace ThumbNailer its a simple script for getting thumbnails of images hosted on free image host. gives those anoying ppl with big pictures no ecscuse not use thumbnails. its still only...
  7. mike16889

    10 credits for 1 click

    nice theme good use of a static background. you see 2 many sites that do it wrong (mainly myspace pages)
  8. mike16889

    150c for custom userbar save file

    yep that'll do ill take it...
  9. mike16889

    150c for custom userbar save file

    sorry not what i want
  10. mike16889

    150c for custom userbar save file

    i would like a userbar remade and the save file sent to me in PNG format with layers intact! if someone can do it ill play 150c... the logo in it: and the userbar (also in my sig):
  11. mike16889

    need help with ads and smf

    ok im rebuilding my site to use my favorite forum software SMF. im also using tiny portal and iv added a "Powerd By"bloc on the right side and put in the java ad code. the problem is that the ad dosn't render look here at the moment all my users see is...
  12. mike16889

    mysql problem

    the other day i went onto my site and all of a sudden it started having MySQL errors. i haven't changed anything since b4 the errors and after i cant work out why its not working the MySQL server is apparently down but i still have some functionality like i can log-in and the admin panel for my...
  13. mike16889

    Didnt get the email.

    my account has been activated witch is awesome and i have started to use it but i didn't get the email to say how to link the account to my forum account. i got 3 emails 1 welcome to the forum 2nd was also for the forum and the 3rd was a thank you for registering for hosting but didn't get the...
  14. mike16889

    Hi my name is Michael

    Hi my name is Michael. i have applied for hosting here and am just waiting for the new server to be set up so i can be added. i have found these forums to be very helpfull and am hoping to be a contributing member of the community.