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  1. QueenHawkeye

    Unable to access website, it displays "Website coming soon"

    Thanks! Clearing the browser cache fixed it. :]
  2. QueenHawkeye

    Unable to access website, it displays "Website coming soon"

    On my website and it shows a "website coming soon" message instead but I am still unable to access it after a dns flush.
  3. QueenHawkeye


    Welcome to x10hosting, We hope you enjoy your stay here. :]
  4. QueenHawkeye

    Error establishing a Database connection, also cannot access cPanel

    Awesome, and thanks for the quick reply! Keep up the great work :]
  5. QueenHawkeye

    Error establishing a Database connection, also cannot access cPanel

    After the transfer to boru, I have had "Error establishing a Database connection." This was remedied last time by Derek [added fris to remote mysql connections, when the I was still on the fris server], but also I can no longer access my cPanel, so I can't fix it myself this time. The error I...
  6. QueenHawkeye

    Error establishing a database connection

    Since the move from the lotus server to the new server, I've been having issues with my website [wordpress blog]. I keep receiving an error saying, "Error establishing a database connection." Hopefully, you can help me resolve my issue with this matter. Thanks.
  7. QueenHawkeye

    Backup Proposal, Please Leave Feedback

    I think this is a fair and acceptable compromise.
  8. QueenHawkeye

    How much RAM do you have?

    2.5 Gigs for my laptop. I only upgraded one stick to 2 gigs...and left the other one alone so they're unmatched. D:
  9. QueenHawkeye

    Who loves X10Hosting?

    The question is, who doesn't love x10hosting? ;D Keep on submitting them reviews!
  10. QueenHawkeye

    Downtime 10 times a day?

    If you have a problem with all the downtime, then go and change. Nobody is stopping you.
  11. QueenHawkeye

    Winning x10hosting contests?

    What happens after you win a contest/promo? I've won a couple...but I've never gotten contacted after I've won them. I think the first one I won was back in October, but nobody messaged me or anything.. :dunno: So does anybody know?
  12. QueenHawkeye

    How old your current computer?

    i've had my laptop for a year and a month.
  13. QueenHawkeye

    Anyone using Twitter?

    I don't know why all your guys are hatin' on twitter! I think it's the best thing since sliced bread. You can find me as QueenHawkeye on twitter.
  14. QueenHawkeye

    Without a Valentine

    Yay single people! Happy Valentines day to the people who do celebrate it with their loved ones, and send a box of chocolates my way while you're at it. ;D
  15. QueenHawkeye

    OMG! My Siberian Husky has a crush on me!!

    Aww, that's so cute! Your doggie loves you, and is over-protective of you.
  16. QueenHawkeye

    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    I absolutely love Windows 7 over Windows Vista. Less lag, easier to navigate...the only thing that ticks me off about 7 is that one of my games that I play, doesn't work so I have to reboot back into Vista in order to play.
  17. QueenHawkeye

    what do you think of the new design of the forum?

    It's pretty sweet, but I'm trying to get used to having this big chunk of space on the right hand side.
  18. QueenHawkeye

    More Updates!

    Woah, nice forum update! It looks completely different, in the good way. Keep up the good work!
  19. QueenHawkeye

    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    I dual booted Windows 7, along with Vista last night. And I must say that I am impressed. I'm having a hard time going back to Vista, but some of my things don't work, or I don't feel like installing again in 7. I find the new toolbar to be more helpful and useful.
  20. QueenHawkeye

    Israel's attack on Gaza, your views?

    i honestly think that both sides are at fault. i haven't a clue on what they should do to fix it since it seems like it's a stalemate.