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  1. unrealad

    Email forwarders

    Same issue here. I'm on server absolut and email forwarding was working perfectly until a few days ago. Now its not forwarding anything.
  2. unrealad

    Addon Domain

    Yes, you need to buy a domain and set the nameservers to point to x10. Here is how:
  3. unrealad

    How would you rate x10hosting and why?

    Seems to be much better than any other free web hosts I can find. x10 even tops one web host I tried which claimed 99% uptime. What they didn't tell me is that I'd be seeing a ton of 'server is busy' messages. lol I ditched them and am sticking to x10! I've had a lot of downtime with x10...
  4. unrealad

    Website doesn't load!

    Its back! Guess they were migrating servers and everything should be up again. My sites back, so I'm happy. Just wish I had known that they were going down today...
  5. unrealad

    Website doesn't load!

    Starka being down just ruined my job interview! Thanks a lot.
  6. unrealad

    Do you think Facebook tend to abuse their quasi-monopoly status in social-networking?

    Re: Do you think Facebook tend to abuse their quasi-monopoly status in social-network Especially with so many websites integrating into FaceBook. Its ridiculous.
  7. unrealad

    Files and Cpanel.. Same problem for me on starka. I'm guessing they are still doing the maintenance.
  8. unrealad

    Which Web Browser you like most?

    Opera all the way for me. Been an Opera fan for 10+ years. I have Opera on all of my PCs, Opera on my phone, and Opera on my Wii. Opera Link makes is easy to keep all of my Opera-running devices synced. 8-)