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    PHP mail()

    Can anyone help me with the non-programming steps to create a feedback-form on your site? Let's say I create a .php page and use php's built-in mail function. I have a mail setup through X10. What connects my .php page to my X10 mail? A good link would also suffice. I'm looking at a php...
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    Tour de France

    So who is going to watch the Tour de France? Who is going to win it?
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    How did this site (MS) do this?

    In making my website, I'm looking at existing websites for good layouts and slick interfaces. I like one aspect of Microsoft's homepage. I'm attaching screenshots in case any of you would prefer not to visit the website ;). Basically, as you mouseover their main menu, very nice drop down menus...
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    Programming your own forum

    Are most forum scripts tied to an SQL database? Or do some scripts reside solely in PHP, ASP, or ASP.NET/C#/VB code without an SQL database for posts and user accounts? Has anyone tried to write their own forum software?
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    [REQ] [100 + 100] Simple Linux / Mac testing

    This is two separate but similar offers. I have a Sudoku game at the link below which runs on Windows (my OS) with .NET Framework 2.0 installed. In theory, it can run on Mac OS / Linux / Windows if those operating systems have the open source Mono Project installed. The Mono Project is an open...
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    My Sudoku Game

    Feel free to play my sudoku game and give me back feedback on the game. While some features are not implemented, I don't believe there are any issues with existing features. The game is at The webpage is a temporary auto-generated webpage so please ignore its quality. A "do...
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    USA vs Spain

    How about that? Nice to see USA soccer making some noise! I'm pretty sure soccer is appropriate in Off-Topic which makes me wonder why all these suspension threads are in here too.
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    Microsoft SQL Server (a rant)

    So I'm creating my webpage and I found a template that I liked ... well it has a sample database. Rather than delete the references to the database, I decided I wanted to edit it and learn some SQL, for the first time, in the process. Well error message after error message. Downloading 2005...
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    Ages of X10 users

    I know a lot of people here are young so I'm curious what a poll will look like ...
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    Hello World!

    Simple rules: Say "Hello World!" in a natural or computer language and tell us what language you're speaking. Language: ANSI-C
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    Did anyone go out and get the new Iphone or talk to anyone who did? I own an iphone and having read the reviews don't see what the hype is about. I'll probably still get a new one as I'd like to have the real GPS rather than using the less accurate cell tower triangulation. As an additional...
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    Which IDE do you use?

    Which Integrated Development Environment do you use for your web programming? And the poll question is generalized as to whether your web programming (the majority of it) is done using a WYSIWYG tool, a text editor, or a general programming IDE. WYSIWYG - Dreamweaver, Frontpage, or any...
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    Moore's Law

    Is it still valid? Or has the computer speed race slowed down in recent years? (Moore's law refers to the notion that the speed of computers would double every 2-3 years or so.)
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    Being a trusted publisher

    I'm currently building a website with an app that will install on the client's computer using Microsoft's ClickOnce technology. When someone clicks the button to run the app, all of the standard warnings pop up saying "Do you trust this website/source?" A wary web surfer might get turned away...
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    Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

    Does anyone make their website, or apps on their website, using MS Visual Studio .NET? My background is application programming that had nothing to do with webpages. So I'm completely lacking in skills like php, javascript, css, etc. It seems like Visual Studio has made it so I don't need to...