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    Location of httpd.conf

    Thanks, bdistler!
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    Location of httpd.conf

    Essellar, Thanks for your quick and helpful reply. Thanks for providing background, and not being judgmental of a noob. Can you confirm that the shared server I'm on is Apache? I'll pursue potential alternatives at the grav forums. Thanks, Brian
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    Location of httpd.conf

    Trying to install grav. Getting a file not found error for grav/admin. Grav help says I need to set AllowOverride All in httpd.conf A search on these forums says the servers are Litespeed, not Apache. But my cPanel says I have Apache 2.4.18. Can someone confirm the server? Where is...
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    Addon domain doens't work. Shows "broken cpanel" page

    My addon domain is not working. When my domain is typed into a browser, it resolves to an X10hosting page. It has been more than 12 hours at that "broken cpanel page" I have flushed my dns with ipconfig /flushdns Account: cragun...
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    Cancel Account action

    Newbie. I was trying to set my domain for my free-hosted site. I requested a domain change, but what I really wanted was an add-on domain. Is it possible to cancel a domain change action? Action is: t1WPhRzd53Sp
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