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    Totally Inaccurate Information - Nothing is Solved on the Servers

    A suggestion - the prime directive in any move is to prevent data loss, so I'd suggest that once a move starts, access is prevented. Since it appeared to my users that they could (and did) use the app once the migration was started, they went ahead and used the app - things seemed normal to...
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    Website issues

    Looks like the other thread is now closed, so posting here about the recent (still ongoing?) migration. Wouldn't it have been easier to post a little more information about the migration as to what the affects might be - that would certainly have reduced the support tickets. Ongoing periodic...
  3. J

    Server Moves

    amalfra79 - I'm seeing the same thing. Wondering now how the two will ever get in sync - data being posted now doesn't show up in the db I see with phpMyAdmin, and data in the db I see in phpMyAdmin isn't seen from my app. The app seems to be pointing to an older version. Would have been better...
  4. J

    Server Moves

    I am seeing 2 different databases, one from my app (an old one it seems, does not have data entered last night (Thurs 8/30) and one with the up to date data via phpMyAdmin. The data I see in my database via phpMyAdmin is correct. The data seen via my app is out of data, an old copy. Just noting...
  5. J

    What is going on ???????!!

    I think Chopin is having troubles - can't get to my site - I get The server at is taking too long to respond.
  6. J

    Please provide more details on status page

    Hi - first, thanks for the work you do to provide a free service - It would be helpful to have more detail on the support page about what features are down. For example, nothing is mentioned currently about email being down (the php mail() function anyway) and so I'd think I should submit a...
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    Service Announcements and Ticket System

    Yea I agree - if support would provide a little more detail on what all is down then there wouldn't be as many new supurfulous tickets created. For example, mail seems to be very sporadic, down often, but usually not mentioned on the system status page, so I never am quite sure why mail is...
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    PHP Contact form stopped working.

    I'm curious to know if your contact form is using the php mail() function to generate the (missing) email? I use mail() as well, and have found it to be sporadic - often it stops working with no error messages (and no code changes on my part) for days at a time, and no support notice about it on...
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    How is everyone else's email?

    Mine was working ok until sometime yesterday. The mail() php function is just failing silently.
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    Would Boru maintenance impact php mail() (cause it doesn't seem to work anymore)

    Hi - noob - not sure how to tell what server I am on, or whether the Boru maint. might be the cause of my php mail() function not working anymore. It was working week before last, haven't changed anything, and now it doesn't work. mail($to, $subject, $msg2, $headers) no longer works for me...