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    Important Poll

    I use frontpage and would like to continue useing it.
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    Do frontpage extensions currently work?

    I am still waiting like I was asked too about the frontpage issues and I still cant upload to my site, not to be rude but what the hey man!!! I started useing X-10 because it suported frontpage???? If not going to anylonger please let us know so I can move forward. Thanks. :confused:
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    Front page extension will not load website

    I have had this problem since all the server work was done and have been waiting till all the great work has been done and still cant load my site I get this error (srm.conf) Thanks for all the hard work you guys ROCK!!!
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    can't upload site

    Ya I cleared my cache and all that with no luck. As for the FTP I tried to do that and it said something along the lines that some elements would not work so I did not finish the process, well heck with it I will just do it anyway and see what happens lol yeeeehahahaha!!! Thanks for the kick...
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    can't upload site

    I use front page to load my site and for at least a week or more have not been able to load new data. I have seen that there is some bugs getting worked out but not sure if they are fixed yet. This is a screen shot of the error
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    Password issues

    I for some reason or other had to reset my password to get back into my account and now I cant seem to change it in my account it saves ok and says it has ben changed to XXXX my new password but when I log out and back in it wont work I have to use the aoutomated one still????? I have tried...
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    pcriot black listed

    I have been trying to send a friend a link to my website at her school that she works at and I keep getting my email sent back saying (black listed URL host by So I went to this and sure enough it is on the list. So after finding this out I did some...