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    What CMS do you suggest?

    I actually think Joomla is quite restricting especially in Permissions, PostNuke is so much more flexible. Also creating templates for a PostNuke site is very quick and simple, even to someone with a limited CSS and HTML knowledge could do it. It's just such a shame that as of 2009 they ceased...
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    Does my website ok?

    According to Norton's Safe web there was a Virus on the page and also a Phishing Attack!
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    my two domains are down

    That explains why I'm unable to view mine also. Thank you Vishal! :)
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    How can I block the access of directory files?

    Yes well op did say he wanted to block all access from the public, so that would do it!! And like you pointed out he could add options. You'll note I also included a link for him to read up further. Oh and by the way if he wanted to allow site to load images on a page, that can be done by...
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    How can I block the access of directory files?

    Cyril you can add the rule Deny from all to your .htaccess file. Kind regards Oraya PS here's a link that will explain it for you. Another PS You may also want to disallow spiders/robots, from...
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    One last question I want to ask concerning paypal. is my first attempt at setting up my own on-line business, and to be honest the whole payment process is totally new to me, if not a little daunting. I was looking at using paypal for this, and was really looking for some feedback, from anyone that uses it. A couple questions...
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    How u see it ?

    Your first site has taken a lot of the user control away by setting font size adjust to none, your visually impaired viewers wont be able to increase the text size. Also you have a meta link in the body, that should be moved to the head. Your second and third site has a lot of unclosed div...
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    I'm really perplexed..

    I know that's why I'm perplexed!! Sigh... this is driving me potty, I've cleared everything I can think of. Edit: Ok given up on trying to figure this out, it's got me beat. Cleared out cache, cookies, history, DNS, even tried re-installing it. Nothing seemed to work.. ***** odd! So have...
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    Question about importing MySQL database into phpmyadmin

    No you can import a compressed file. Select import, locate the file and if it's a compressed file it will automatically be detected, unzip and import it. Kind regards, Oraya
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    Help moving MySQL database from old webhost to here. Gives error.

    You need to check your versions! I suspect you are getting this due to two different versions. Are you able to back up the database from the command line, with the --compatible=mysql50 flag? Kind regards, Oraya
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    I'm really perplexed..

    Sorry I'm not making myself very clear. Been staring at this screen for too long lol... No, I type into the address bar, and that is what it reads after the site loads, but the status bar reads the xhosting link. It only does it in IE 8, but as I said I can't work out if...
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    I'm really perplexed..

    Yeah I type the address into the address bar. It's really strange, and very perplexing. Umm... I recently installed IE 8, and previous poster on IE 7 didn't get the same problem. I have also just checked it on daughters laptop and the desktop, one running IE 7 and one 6. So I'm now...
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    Javascript button

    What is it you're actually trying to do? You need to give a little more information. Kind regards, Oraya
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    I'm really perplexed..

    Do you mean as in a book mark? No, I don't have it book marked.
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    I'm really perplexed..

    If I open my site in Firefox or any other browser, in the status bar I see and then what ever link I'm hovering on, BUT if I open it in IE i see and what ever link I'm hovering over. It's really strange. I've cleared my cache etc and even...
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    Could someone do me a favour

    Thank you it's sorted now, it wasn't actually my site it was a friends. She just asked me to sort out her layout as she had a load of design errors. :) Kind regards, Oraya
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    Curved Corners

    You don't have to use images, I've done it on many sites I've designed just using css. Google "rounded corners using css". Kind regards, Oraya Here check these sites out:
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    My First Template/Skin, Dark.

    Re: Dark design is ok, but..... Well said! Oraya
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    free image stocks

    I'm a photographer so don't have to worry :)
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    Could someone do me a favour

    Would you mind testing it again for me, thanks ever so much for doing this! Kind regards, Oraya