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    Who knows something about MOSS

    Hey, everybody, I'm studing web design and i have a task. To find out something about Microsoft SharePoint Services. I'll appreciate your help
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    sigbar creator

    What a good stuf, Thx a lot
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    Could you rate this page?

    Hey, bros. I have been working in a website. It's about a church. I'll thank u if you can rate the style . I need a ew pic in the top banner. Give some news ideas. The page is Another question: Why when i get in this site i have to write the "../index.html"...
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    10 credits for 1 click

    You have a very good site . Congratulations.
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    Website images problem

    Could you show me the site to see what's wrong?
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    What's the best 3D Animation Software?

    What's the best 3D Animation Software For U?
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    What's the best 3D Animation Software?

    AUTOCad MAYA 3DS MAx Swift 3D
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    My first website

    Well your web it's really good, specialy 'cause i like the anime stuff. A have some advises for you: 1. Remember than the anime its from japan, You can use some japanise stuff like japanise letters on the background. 2.You can use flash to make some animations. Keep working, you make a really...
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    Your Web Designing Applications

    My Apps Well I use Illustrator for my concepts, When I'm sure about i want I use Photoshop CS2 for logos banner and another graphic things. I use GoLive CS2 for my webpages but usually use dreamweaver 2004. Flash 2004 for my animations and If I need to make a web application I usually use...
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    plz i need help

    Advises HEy , you're right it don't look professional. Here some advises: 1. Don't use a very big song in the background, that spend a lot of bandwidth. 2. Don't use the whole screen , use a center table with a 75% width, you can use a gradient background for the body ( use a dark color for the...
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    Rate my template

    Rate you Ok, it have a really good style, but there some places where you can't read what it say. Some links are broke. But generally its really good:drool:
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    The Unofficial Site Check

    I don't know if this counts but... Hey I like your website, it have a very good color combination The red and green banner it's such a good concept. But... I don't know if this counts like a bug... In the Services page, when u make a zoom in with mozilla the words change the place but the red...
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    Ayuda con drupal

    Hola, tengo un problemacon drupal. Use fantastico para instalarlo, no me gusto, entonces intente desinstalarlo, cuando estaba en el proceso me aparecia que primero tenia que preparar la desinstalacion. Le di click al boton. Me salio un mensaje de que no se podia desintalar. Como no se desinstalo...