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  1. Tom743

    Windows 7(Vienna)

    Programs have been ribonised: New solutions center: Changes to the desktop right click menu...
  2. Tom743

    PHP / Maths problem

    Yeah, I get what you mean, thanks :) I was thinking of doing it it like that but I thought it will take a long time to execute because there could be hundreds of numbers to add up and devide.
  3. Tom743

    PHP / Maths problem

    Basically, the average for the number of rolls on my script isn't working. It keeps going up, until it gets higher than 6 which is impossible because the numbers generated are between 1 and 6. I will +rep anyone who can help me :) <?php $number = rand("1", "6"); $numberofroll =...
  4. Tom743

    Javascript innerHTML help

    I'm a noob at javascript and I'm trying to get the text "Hi" to appear when I click the link, but its not working. Does anyone know why? <a href="javascript: document.getElementById(text).innerHMTL = 'Hi';">View</a> <div id="text"></div>
  5. Tom743

    preg_match help

    if ( !preg_match( "/http:\/\/(.*)youtube(.*)\/watch?v=(.*)/", $_POST['yturl'] ) ) { echo "<div class=\"regerror\">Invalid Youtube URL</div>"; } Im using the code above to check if the Youtube url someone has entered is valid. However its saying invalid Youtube url for an url I have...
  6. Tom743

    Whats the catch? So this desktop is £400, but it looks too good to be £400. Its got a 500GB hard drive comes with windows vista Business and it has 4GB ram installed. Whats the catch with it? I can't see them...
  7. Tom743

    Internal Server Error

    Ah, ok. Thanks for fixing my account :)
  8. Tom743

    Internal Server Error

    I can't see the error.log file in my public_html folder. Is there a .htaccess file aswell?
  9. Tom743

    Internal Server Error

    There isn't .htaccess file in public_html, just the index.php file No error logs :(
  10. Tom743

    How fast is your internet?

    Mines not that good-
  11. Tom743

    Internal Server Error

    The problem was still there before i changed my subdomain (a few hours ago) I removed my whole site because I thought it might have been one of the pages creating the problem, but it seems it isn't.
  12. Tom743

    Internal Server Error

    I get this error when i try to view any page- Im on Cossacks and my account username it Tom743. Thanks :)
  13. Tom743


    There used to be a page where you had a referal link and it showed you how many referals you had, is that page still here because I cant find it :( Edit: Never mind - I have found it :)
  14. Tom743

    Help me (Takes 10 seconds)

    Yep it takes 10 seconds to do this, all you have to do is visit here - It finds your screen width + height and stores it. Im using it to find out how many people still use small screens and I will base layouts widths on this data...
  15. Tom743

    Easyest way of earning money ever!

    The only thing you have to do is use Yahoo to search. Thats all. Basicly this is how it works; You sign up You add a new search to your browsers search bar (don't wory, no downloading/installing) Everytime you search you get money You refer friends and get 10% of there money Your friends...
  16. Tom743

    How to get your YouTube Videos views.

    Its a good idea, but as tnl said, its abit pointless :P But thats just my oppinion and i don't use youtube much.
  17. Tom743

    In the sorce of the homeapge ;) <!-- Powered by --> And the page on the site is here,
  18. Tom743

    Thanks, +rep :)
  19. Tom743

    +rep Franc0, ive got about 30 votes now. I need about 100 so could some more people fill out the poll please :)
  20. Tom743

    Hi :) This thread may be in the wrong place (im not sure) But please can you fill out the form on my site, so that was i can decide what features to make/design for it. the form can be found here: Thanks.