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    i idd it from why? can you please fix this
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    Hi, what do you mean? i made the site in expression and uploaded it? i really need this fixed Edit: Anyone? I also uploaded some normal images but they dont even load. Help!!!!
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    Corey is the sex

    Corey is the sex
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    Please help. My site i have uploaded will not show ANY of the images. Also i tried wordpress still NO IMAGES. Is the host refusing to load images? PLEASE HELP ASAP. i need my clan site up :(
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    Using IPB.
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    Hi, Ive updated my nameservers but on some of my webpages i get a 404 error. does it take a bit of time to fully update? or do i need to reinstall my php forum program?
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    Oh okay cool. and will all my current stuff on my domain at the moment still be on when i transfer?
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    Okay. Thanks, And how would i go about changing my name currently to my one? Edit: Oh yeah and could i still get subdomains? Edit: and my email accounts? please help
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    Hi, I have registred a account if i change the dns nameservers will the site load the pages from the example and not with url forwarding? and it will show no sign of my site being pcriot or elementfx? also what are the x10nameservers
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    Whenever i try to install ipb i cant . i go to mydomain/install/index.php but it shows a blank page? HELP Edit: Please help. i need to get my clan site up
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    Center Ads?

    How can i place the ads in a format at which they will be in the center? im using smf here is my adcode <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
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    How much to pay for staff? Web staff.

    Mhm over 18 and claiming benifits. Mhm! Lulz
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    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    i ban Smith6612 for having a hammer in his sig, i dont like violence. lol
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    Im Back!

    Yep im glad to be back. :)
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    Hey Can you help

    Hey Can you help
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    Im Back!

    Hey guys, Some of you may remember me from november last year. I have been VERY inactive due to some stuff going on at home but now im gladly back.
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    Current Gas Prices

    GAS PRICES = CRAZY! its just gettting too much
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    [REPORT] Read Admins & Mods

    Hello admins and mods! first of all i would like to say sorry if this is in the wrong section but i cant think of anywhere else to put it! anyways GamingX will know that i reported a website ( it has torrents and i think it has something to do with Adult Content. Anyways...