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  1. Jigzo


    Please help. My site i have uploaded will not show ANY of the images. Also i tried wordpress still NO IMAGES. Is the host refusing to load images? PLEASE HELP ASAP. i need my clan site up :(
  2. Jigzo


    Hi, I have registred a account if i change the dns nameservers will the site load the pages from the example and not with url forwarding? and it will show no sign of my site being pcriot or elementfx? also what are the x10nameservers
  3. Jigzo


    Whenever i try to install ipb i cant . i go to mydomain/install/index.php but it shows a blank page? HELP Edit: Please help. i need to get my clan site up
  4. Jigzo

    Center Ads?

    How can i place the ads in a format at which they will be in the center? im using smf here is my adcode <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
  5. Jigzo

    Im Back!

    Hey guys, Some of you may remember me from november last year. I have been VERY inactive due to some stuff going on at home but now im gladly back.
  6. Jigzo

    [REPORT] Read Admins & Mods

    Hello admins and mods! first of all i would like to say sorry if this is in the wrong section but i cant think of anywhere else to put it! anyways GamingX will know that i reported a website ( it has torrents and i think it has something to do with Adult Content. Anyways...
  7. Jigzo

    Gta Iv

    does anyone here know a confirmed proper release date for gta iv? its getting really annoying i preorderd in september thinking it would come in christmas it has now been further delayed to april 2008 i think? can someone tell me if they know the proper release date? also is there anyone...
  8. Jigzo

    What script do you prefer?

    What web script do you prefer i personally prefer html or php how about you?
  9. Jigzo

    Shocking Discovery!

    Mods And Admins i have found a shocking website that should be removed as it contains torrents & other things that are not allowed
  10. Jigzo

    Block ie users?

    can anyone tell me the website for a script that makes ie users need to use firefox? i made a thread before but i cant find it
  11. Jigzo

    Invision Power Board?

    Please could someone tell me how to embed the ad codes into invision power board 2.3.3?
  12. Jigzo

    Logos Sigs etc

    if anybody needs logos or sigs of any type i can make them i have took an advanced course in grapics design although im not perfect! my rates are reasonable: Logo : 150-300 credits Sigs : 50-200 Anything Else : we will work out something! :naughty:;)
  13. Jigzo

    My Sig

    is a sig as big as mine allowed? im just a bit worried and confused:dunno::dunno::dunno: as i dont want to het banned :dunno:
  14. Jigzo


    Is F.E.A.R. any good? i might be getting it today i was just wondering if its a waste of cash or not
  15. Jigzo


    Do we get points when someone clicks the ads on our sites?
  16. Jigzo

    Is joomla any good?

    is joomla any good? im thinking of putting it on my site. also do you know any other content management systems?
  17. Jigzo

    8800gts Vs 7950gx2

    Which one do you think is better? I think the 8800GTS is better
  18. Jigzo

    need firefox

    does anyone know how to make a website display an error message if the user does not have firefox installed on their pc?
  19. Jigzo

    What Processor Do You have?

    What processor do you have? i have an intel quad core!
  20. Jigzo

    Should ManHunt 2 Be Banned?

    I Dont Think It Should! I played it today on my psp LOL What do you think?