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  1. dbzsr

    hello ppl

    happy xmas and hope santa comes with free didicated servers for alllllllllllllllllll
  2. dbzsr

    3 Templates made by me

    I want to show you these templates my site is dbz fan site so i putted some free DBZ templates for the newbe fans to use it as a start to their fan site here is the page where you can see them
  3. dbzsr


    hello i was wondring if someone tells me some other advertising site than google or yahoo what site is ranked after these ones
  4. dbzsr

    my sig

    this signiture is 2 month old and my brain refuses to make a new one. so tell me some stuff about it so it convinces my brain to make a new one :lockd: and please someone explains about the point thing, i made it 5 poits for this does it mean i get 5 points?
  5. dbzsr

    support is needed

    there is something wrong when i enter it taks me to my main domain is and the is as parked i do not want to show up and i cant make any addon domains i tried to...
  6. dbzsr


    is that the reguler cpanel i see in any host or is it a deffiernt one?? can i use a reguler cpanel theme like in other hosts i dont like the current theme its differnt
  7. dbzsr

    addin a parked domain

    Hello when i parked my domain for my hosting acccount i got Using nameservers with the following IPs:, Bind reconfiguring on server using rndc Bind reconfiguring on server2 using rndc Error reconfiguring bind on server2: rndc: connection to remote host closed...
  8. dbzsr

    my first layout

    I have made this layout by applying some simple tutorial in photoshop its my first layout tell me your opinion of it
  9. dbzsr

    parked domain

    hello if a make a subdomain from my main domain its a sub sub domain and i park my real domain would work?? i tried this on another host the subdomain didnt work would it work here??
  10. dbzsr


    can i put the text link like hosted by
  11. dbzsr

    Hello again

    Hello I am a newb i do expect to get welcomed here lol looking forward to have a good time here with hosting ofcourse I came from FWS