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  1. TheGremlin

    Site wont load or its cpanel on X05 will not load.
  2. TheGremlin

    Backup manager

    Why doesnt the CPanel have a backup manager ?
  3. TheGremlin

    Here is the bottom line on the errors

    The issue, regardless of what the staff, or the forum wanna be's say, is not a user created issue. I have installed every piece of software you offer from the free installer, and my own VBulletin software as well, and did nothing more than try to create a normal post, without any additions by...
  4. TheGremlin

    503 ERRORS @#!^&$

    There surely comes a time when someone will pay attention to the users of this service and fix these $#%^&% 503 errors. Otherwise this hosting is useless
  5. TheGremlin

    For anyone here who is interested (Hopefully Staff) :)

    SOLVING THE DREADED VARNISH 503 ERROR “Error 503 Service Unavailable” / “Guru Meditation” is probably the most common error people get with Varnish. This post will go through a few causes of (and solutions to) this Varnish 503 error. BEFORE WE START One of the most confusing (but nonetheless...
  6. TheGremlin

    Hi there, a few questions

    Ive just signed up for your free hosting, and i like to ask questions before i make mistakes :) 1. I own VBulletin software, is that allowed here (license info available on request) 2. Does my hosting have enough power to run it ?