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  1. spaw_morpheus

    Possible Old account conflict

    Just created a new account yesterday since I could not login with the older account: - removed by inactivity at day 14 march 2017 (+21 days warning). then I notice I was neither: - able to add my old domain to the new account. (return: Error: Another user owns this domain) - or...
  2. spaw_morpheus

    error Parking a domain

    I am getting an error : i tried to change the dns server to and and i am received : Server DNS Master: refused search Server DNS Slave 1: refused search Domain: DNS: refused search Response time: 0:25 s I try to contact...
  3. spaw_morpheus

    Account Upgraded to Illuminated

    Just payd for Illuminated upgrade! but i receive email , and info about getting a PRIME upgrade ! and also , i dont think my server change to the new cluster ! i want the Perl working ! plz, check the files bellow: (not working!)
  4. spaw_morpheus

    Urgent need question abour Prime Membership

    Prime members can use Perl etc ?
  5. spaw_morpheus

    Perl not working Permission File: 755 Permission Folder: 755 Perl Path: #!/usr/bin/perl cgi-lib: answear : 403 Forbidden You don't have permission to access /cgi-bin/o_reserva.cgi on this server...
  6. spaw_morpheus

    domain problem

    my cpanel says that my domain, already exist, but there is no info from it at cpanel and also cant target the domain to the correct folder.