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  1. phatfiel

    Trying to add CNAME. Unable to find soa record

    Whenever I try to add a CNAME, I get this error message: "Unable to find soa record." Name: googlea69f0acd2a0490df CNAME: Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. phatfiel

    Subdomain DNS Settings Problem

    I was (still am) having problems with my subdomain. I opened a ticket and they said that my subdomain does not have any DNS record, so you need to go to the DNS settings for my site and add the subdomain and X10's nameservers. Our nameservers are: The...
  3. phatfiel

    Missing files after the move to Fris

    I have 3 folders that are empty and that's it. Everything else is gone. Any suggestions?
  4. phatfiel

    Apple MacBook on a Windows Active Directory

    I will have to put a MacBook on an Active Directory Windows Domain. I will also need to map a network drive. Anybody have a tutorial or good program that will do these?
  5. phatfiel

    Can't Reply to Messages

    Whenever I try to reply to a topic in the forum, I get this message: I was trying to tell the thousands of ppl who were freaking out that their website wasn't loading that Cossacks was down right now and where to check to see if their server is running or down. I'm not sure where to post...
  6. phatfiel

    Site Works, but Can't Access cPanel

    I've tried looking on the forum for a solution, but I didn't see one. There is another thread with a similar problem, but I am unable to post a reply because it won't let me. I can access my site just fine, but I can get the cPanel page to come up at all. I've tried the site/cpanel and the...
  7. phatfiel

    Can't connect to MySQL server on ''

    Whenever I try to access any database, I get the dreaded "Can't connect to MySQL server" error when it would appear the the MySQL server is online and running. Here is a screen cap to illustrate my problem. I'm on the adFree server (cossacks), but when I check which server I'm on the Server...