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  1. unocoleader

    MySQL DB's "poofed" from my cPanel

    I've just got installed phpBB and WordPress, then I combined them with WP-United. Well. That's not an issue at all, because it all worked. But then, about 6 mins from now, I got "Error establishing database connection". Tried to refresh and tried only-forums page, but still same results. Now I...
  2. unocoleader

    404 Error + inaccessible cpanel ( (Starka)

    Aight.... First there was Internal Server Error 500 two days back, now there's 404. What's wrong with x10 servers? My forums worked great past two days, BUT now they are "not there" and I can't even login to cPanel @ EDIT: Found cPanel from Main controlpanel, still...
  3. unocoleader

    Starka/Stoli etc Internal Server Error (500)

    I'm not too good at these things (yet), but I'm giving it a raw guess that the problems we're having with MySQL, are not related to users' MySQL databases but would be related to the server side setups. Just the amount of 500-errors are pointing towards the x10 servers, not to DB's we have...
  4. unocoleader

    Run out of clues with 500 Internal Server Error

    Ok. Socks and sleeves are empty. Made backup of original database, deleted old one, created new and re-linked user to it = no difference. Restored old one, re-linked user = no difference. First time I created new (without Wizard), I got typical "can't find tables" error as that DB was empty...
  5. unocoleader

    500 error + inaccessible x10 account + inaccessible cPanel

    Problems: Was checking if I could see our guild forums @ but surprisingly I got "500 Internal Server Error" that might point towards MySQL, BUT I doubt it, as I still can access my long forgotten WordPress site of the guild @ I can...
  6. unocoleader

    Error 404 on site that is intact and was perfectly working earlier today

    In GMT +2 (dst) time around 2pm I went to check on my forums and found them nicely. After some hours later, around 7:30pm (and even before that) I couldn't get in. It gave me a 404 error even there's no PHP-elements missing. Address haven't changed anywhere, or at least I haven't changed that...