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  1. SaturnElite

    So long and thanks for all the fish, so sad that it should come to this.

    I'm leaving x10hosting. Bye everyone!
  2. SaturnElite

    account is suspended Please unsuspend.
  3. SaturnElite

    Alien Legacy - Epic Strategy Game

    Anyone ever heard of Alien Legacy? It's a very old strategy game from 1994. It's not like any other game I've ever played, it's not really turn-based or real-time, it's sort of a mix between the two. It's for DOS, and you'll need DOSBox to play it. I just started playing it myself and it just...
  4. SaturnElite

    How I automatically get my "log in atleast once a month" requirement done easily..

    I set the forums as my home page, with "keep me logged in on". I hope this helps you guys!
  5. SaturnElite

    the log in thing on the forums is messed up

    the login thing at top is completely useless, it doesnt work
  6. SaturnElite

    CoD Barracks

    I made a Call of Duty forum:
  7. SaturnElite

    Political Agenda

    I'm starting my own political forum. If anyone is interested in joining, the URL is: Also, I could use some feedback, so please tell me what you think of it. I just made it about 20 minutes ago. I plan on getting a custom forum skin and a logo...
  8. SaturnElite

    Free month of GameFly

    Wow, this is amazing, I wish I knew about this when I signed up for GameFly. You can get your first month absolutely free if you sign up now:
  9. SaturnElite

    Castlevania Mania

    I have created a Castlevania website. Is anyone interested in joining? Also, please tell me what you think of it:
  10. SaturnElite

    It's my 18th birthday!

    In less than an hour, on November 4, I'll be 18 years old. I want to stay young forever. I want a Sega Saturn. And most of all, I want be going out with a certain someone. And here's a song I have stuck in my head as I think of that someone:
  11. SaturnElite

    Who are you people!

    Some guy creates like 30 accounts a day on my forum, but he never posts at all. It's seriously annoying, the usernames all look like spam bot names. I can't ban his IP, because while most of them are in the same range, not all of them are. Just look at this! They are all browsing anonymously and...
  12. SaturnElite

    Republic of Indian Stream

    The Republic of Indian Stream was a short-lived unrecognized state in North America from June 9, 1832 to 1835. The Republic of Indian Stream had a democratic government with a constitution, and a population of around 300 citizens. It was located in what is now part of New Hampshire. The nation...
  13. SaturnElite

    MyBB Internal Error

    Been down all morning except for like 10 seconds it worked again, then stopped.
  14. SaturnElite

    Error on site + 500 errro

    I also get this:
  15. SaturnElite

    This spam always fails to spam my site.

    There's this one spam bot that creates literally 20 or so accounts on my forum a day, always with messed up usernames like "tL304Lohanc" but it never posts. Occasionally, like once a month, it will succeed in posting 4 seemingly normal posts, always 4 posts (except the one time my moderators got...
  16. SaturnElite

    MyBB integrated chat room plugin

    Are there any plugins for MyBB that is a chat room, but instead of using IRC/external accounts, users will chat in the chat room using their account on your MyBB forum, just like a shoutbox, but where you can have several different ones on the same site?
  17. SaturnElite

    How can I make this into a dropdown box for myBB post icons?

    <tr><td class="trow1" style="vertical-align: top"><strong>{$lang->post_icon}</strong><br /><span class="smalltext"><label><input type="radio" class="radio" name="icon" value="-1"{$no_icons_checked} />{$lang->no_post_icon}</label></span></td> <td class="trow1" valign="top">{$iconlist}</td> </tr>...
  18. SaturnElite

    suspended for the THIRD time for "high resource useage"

    Please unsuspend my site: This is the third time this has happened. Is it because I have a thing that automatically posts video game news on my site and checks for news every 5 minutes?
  19. SaturnElite

    Why does my site take so long to load sometimes. I'm on Cossacks and it happens a lot

    It takes like 30 seconds for the page to fully load, and I have 8 mb/sec internet, so I know it's not my internet.
  20. SaturnElite

    This one guy keeps joining my forum like 999999 times but never posts

    Seriously he has like 50 accounts with zero posts. He creates like 3 new accounts a day and never posts a single thing. His names are always just random jumbled characters, but his IP addresses are slightly different each time. Wtf is going on?