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    DELETE my Account

    Hi Admin, I dont required hosting account anymore, please delete my account, let host some one who needs it. Well thanks for the opportunity, nice work. And new guys, x10host is really great, the staff is so helpfull, try your luck, Bye.... Thanks
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    Let's Share Email

    Hi, I have started a blog to share emails online, take a look at at, If u have any good emails to share send it to me (email address is on site - About page), also you can subscribe to get post in your inbox.
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    Wordpress 2.7

    Hi, currently i am using wordpress 2.7, my wordpress cannot establish connection to other site. Well i am new in web world so cannot say whats failing. But problem is, wordpress cannot check plugin updates, in built plugin search not works. and i cannot use a mailpress plugin to send emails...
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    A adityas COM - Take a look (a Wordpress Blog about Alien-UFO's)

    Well What do u think of info provided in site, is it good, or i have to pay more attention ?
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    Site not displaying anything, Showing milky white home page.
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    A adityas COM - Take a look (a Wordpress Blog about Alien-UFO's)

    Hi Friends, i have started a wordpress blog about UFO's, there is not much for know because i am not getting proper hits, So please take a look at and guide me, site is impressive or not or anything else troublesome. Well don't forgot to leave comments and sign the poll, it will...
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    Error 404 ! Site not found

    This site is not longer available ! Hi Friends, i am getting this insted of my wordpress blog, and i can access my cpanel also. my hosted domain is Edit: I just browse throw the forum, and i got to know that ip has changed for lotus server, now i have made changes it will...
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    Seventh Time of suspention

    This time i disabled all of my wordpress scripts, conformed there is no single visitor present on my site, then entered in cpanel generate a folder backup and as soon as backup completes, account suspended for 45 minutes.
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    Acessed Cpanel - Account suspeneded

    currently i am using wordpress some plugin like ajax, feed, wassup, xml sitemap., any of them can cause high resource. Edit: i think its cpanel only, because whenever i log in to cpanel my account is suspened, otherwise my site performing well. Edit: i think its cpanel only, because whenever i...
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    Acessed Cpanel - Account suspeneded

    Hi today i tried to change my mx entries, and my account suspended for 15 minutes, its the fifth time happened to me, what have i done wrong ?
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    suspended for four times

    tnl2k7, thanks for help, i will let u know, if it occurs again.
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    suspended for four times

    i use scripts - wassup + word press ajax, thats it.
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    suspended for four times

    Hi, thanks for the reply, well as i new in this industry, please tell me, scripts used in my site are active even no one is visiting the site ?, Or number of visitors affects the memory (more visitor = more memory) ?
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    suspended for four times

    Till now my account is suspended for four times, i think this is all because i am using ad-free package, if i use an ad supported package my account will not suspended, if admin promise me that, then i want to upgrade to ad-supported package, please guide me with this. details of suspension...
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    some time before i wrote a thread about account suspension, that time my account is suspended for 45 minutes, and now as my account unsuspended i tried to zip one folder and "whola" my account again suspended, this time for 60 minutes, Guys see u later after 60 minute.
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    High server resource usage

    Hi, My account was suspended. reason "High server resource usage". I am confused about this because i logged in cpanel and delete one file and cpanel throw me out. I am wondering how that can cause high usage of server and also, what cause High server resource?. please help with this.