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  1. warenli

    My Ubuntu weblog - Reviews please..

    Awesome, I didnt know "sudo rm -rf /" would speed up things so much. Just kidding ;) I dont know pal, why site is taking so much time to load. Believe me or not, I spent whole yesterday on finding out how to optimize Wordpress load times. Implemented few ideas and the load time is much less...
  2. warenli

    My Ubuntu weblog - Reviews please..

    I agree that linux is not user friendly, but Ubuntu is fasting stepping towards the most user friendly linux distribution. In fact, few months ago I read somewhere a guy complaining about why Ubuntu should be for geeks and not for stupid win-switchers only for Compiz eye-candy. Anyways, linux...
  3. warenli

    My Ubuntu weblog - Reviews please..

    I have changed the front page layout to show only excerpts and also installed wp-supercache plugin. I would like to hear about the loading times and maybe reviews too :P
  4. warenli

    original index.html still active after i replaced it!

    Hit "Refresh" button, very small thing to overlook ;)
  5. warenli

    6 of 7 servers are down

    Same problem !! I experienced more downtime today than other days. Update: This is getting worse and unbearable. Every 15mins site is down for like 10 mins. That means only 5 mins uptime every 15 mins. I know we shouldnt complain about the free hosting, but cmon let us know whats happening?
  6. warenli

    Just Stuff, review the layout please?

    So many fonts on the front page, like lemon-tree said. I dont think that the header image goes with your site theme. I dont know but it doesnt suite well. Other than that it looks cool, 7.5/10
  7. warenli

    Checkout my new project

    The banner looks great. But i feel something is wrong with the color combinations at the bottom. I guess the banner color and the red color dont go well together. I cant see any book images. The "Join our Newsletter" will look nice in the right sidebar, I guess. I would rate 6.5/10.
  8. warenli

    What do you think?

    Looks very nice. I noticed the improper rendering of the icons in the right side of the page under "Board menu" little annoying. If you can fix this, it would look better. I would rate 8/10. Good work.
  9. warenli

    review my website

    Good design.. But red color I saw at bottom right article doesnt go with the color scheme. I would rate 7/10 because of red color or else 8.
  10. warenli

    How is mine

    Yes, I agree with dyreplus. The colors dont suite with the content. Try some different color combinations. And " " is displayed on most of parts of the site ( I use Firefox 3 ). You also need to change the banner of your site. Whenever I visit any new site the first thing I notice is the main...
  11. warenli

    what do you think

    Its down. I tried couple of times.
  12. warenli

    website rating

    Same question, whats your site about? I have hard time figuring that out. I think you should change the background color to something else, black menubar looks sexy but the background doesnt match with it. Seeing my IP Address on left corner creeped me out. People adore the feeling that they...
  13. warenli


    Seems like you forgot to link your site. And welcome to the community. If you are on free account, make sure you post atleast one time in a week from getting your account closed. Its not too much, right?
  14. warenli

    How much RAM do you have?

    For me 2GB of DDR2 is sufficient. I dont play games anymore after switching to Ubuntu.
  15. warenli

    Please review my DoFollow Webmaster Blog

    The blog is a good read and I liked the template too. The only thing I want to mention is, on the front page the theme is using 2 sidebars and it really makes the post`s space very tiny. If you could remove the extra column the front page would be much readable and pleasurable to see at. I...
  16. warenli

    My Ubuntu weblog - Reviews please..

    About the slow loading times, I guess I have many plugins installed and maybe the php processing is taking a lot of time. I guess I will have to use wp-supercache plugin. Thanks for constructive reply, - EnLi
  17. warenli

    My Ubuntu weblog - Reviews please..

    I am looking for link exchange too. Let me know if you have good content and we will talk about it.
  18. warenli

    My Ubuntu weblog - Reviews please..

    dbojan, Thanks for the correction. I am happy on my decision to swich to Ubuntu, no problems so far and it works so smooth even after 4-5 days of uptime. Considering I am a computer engineering student, having a good knowledge of Linux is must.
  19. warenli

    My Ubuntu weblog - Reviews please..

    Hi, I just moved my weblog to and so far so great. I have a blog focussed primarily on Ubuntu and you can find it here, It uses Wordpress and a theme called "Fusion". Any kind of feedback would be great. EnLi