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    review my websites review these webs and tell me how can i improve them i know that there are more ads i will reduce them as soon as possible
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    how to add ads to phpbb

    Put the google ad code at the very end of the index_body.tpl, viewforum_body.tpl and viewtopic_body.tpl files in your template folder. That will display the ads at the bottom of the index, forum and topic respectively you can place google code or any other adnetworks code see for example...
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    how to password protect your folder

    i would like to share "how to password protect the folder using dos" Follow these instruction. 1. Open Notepad and copy the code below 2. Change your password in the code it's shown the place where to type your password. 3. Save file as locker.bat 4. Now double click on locker.bat 5. I t...
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    i made a wallpaper check it and comment on it

    any body comment how is the wallpaper
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    better brain surgery

    BETTER BRAIN SURGERY An engineer sheds new light on brain cancer treatment Laura Marcu For neurosurgeons, the ability to distinguish between healthy and malignant brain tissue with pinpoint accuracy – while the patient is still on the operating table – would be a major advance. For brain...
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    join my forum and i will join your forum

    this is a forum exchange offer if you join my forum i will join your forum post your user name here after joining
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    join my forum ,place your link in my website

    it is so simple 1.join my forum your url and its description in "add my url" forum and your link will be placed in or
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    advertise on my site for free

    just post your sites link or banners and some text about it i will place them freely in my website