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    Disk Full?

    I was trying to upload a 2.5mb file to my website through FTP, but it gave me an error and said 'Disk Full, try again later'. Is there any way to fix this? I was able to upload it through cPanel but I would like to use ftp. Thanks!
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    Wordpress Installation Error!

    Hi! I was just trying to install wordpress, but I got the following error: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 77824 bytes) in /home/shiweb/public_html/blog/wp-admin/includes/update.php on line 233 I'm not that good with php and so I have no idea...
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    Can't login to cPanel

    Hi! I recently requested for my account to be deleted, but then I re-registered with the Ad-Enhanced Plan. The account creation time was very short (about 1-2mins) and then I received an email saying my account had been created successfully! However, when I first went onto my site (before it had...
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    Can't delete MySQL Database

    Hi. I was trying to delete a database called shiweb_wiki, and it said that it was deleted successfully, but when I went back it was still there! (I did try refreshing) Can someone please delete the database for me? cPanel Username: shiweb Website: Thanks! ;)
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    Is this allowed...

    I was wondering if I am allowed to post links (not host) to torrent files on my forum. I'm just asking first because I don't want my forum closed down all of a sudden! Thanks!
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    Cpanel won't load!

    Hi. Just today when I tried to load Cpanel, it just half-loads and stops! I'm sure this is not something wrong with my browser or anything. Have a look at the screenshot below. EDIT: Now it won't load at all! :(
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    Forum Portal

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone could help me install a portal for phpBB3. I haven't had much success with it in the past (mainly because I had no idea what to do) and would really appreciate it if someone could give me a bit of help!!! CVS? CONFUSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek4:
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    How's my forum?

    Well it's only a small forum I made in my spare time to have fun... nothing really serious so there aren't a lot of people who registered; only my friends. Well tell me what you think! ;)
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    eval() forbidden when accessing from subdomain?

    Hi! I was just playing around with my new phpBB3 forum and everything was going fine. Suddenly, I clicked on the link to go to the Admin Control Panel, but it said: That was when I tried accessing it through a subdomain: When I tried to access it...
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    php version not changing

    Hi. I requested for my PHP version to be changed. After a few minutes I received an email saying that it was accepted. However, after waiting for over 24 hours, the PHP version was still pending for upgrade. Is this normal or should I do something about it?