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    Need help with Syntax Error

    Edit - Nevermind. I think I have solved this problem. Hi. I am running CP Links Directory on this site. I just tried adding a new directory category and am now getting SQL syntax errors. I tried deleting the category, but it won't delete. The only thing that was different this time...
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    Favicon Request 300 credits

    I need a favicon for a website I am working on. The site is about "ponds" so I am looking for something with that in mind. Maybe a frog or water lily. The web address for the site is The file should be named favicon and be in proper ico format. The file size must by...
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    Hi, I am having problems installing Tikiwiki. I have uploaded all my files, but when I run the installation file I get a blank page. I get the following errors on my error log: I have upgraded to Intermediate Php and recieved the upgrade confirmation email. I am wondering if I need to go to...
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    Problem with SMF

    Hi. I am have a problem with SMF on my site. My website is Cash Crafters - Index. I am getting the following error on my SMF error log which may be causing any aplication problem I am having with Tiny Portal: I posted about the problem at SMF and here is my post and the reply I received...
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    Problem Linking Accounts

    Hi. This post is on behalf of another user who is having problems with linking his forum account to his hosting account. The system is not allow him posting privileges so he is unable to post this himself. He has created his free static hosting account. User name Kody37. He went through the...
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    SMF/Ad Question

    Hi. I have the required X10 ads on my site, however some of my SMF themes don't show them. I have disabled the offending themes, but want to be sure this fulfills my obligation. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. Wasn't sure if it should go here or in the Free Host forum. :dunno: