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    Suspended for High Resource Usage

    Hello Just to let you know, I've been suspended for High Resource Usage. I've tried unsuspending myself, but no luck. My username is samsungf Best Regards Jordan
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    If I enable cache, will it lower high resource usage?

    Hello Support If I enable cache on my MediaWiki, will it reduce the resource usage? I keep getting suspended for high resource usage, but would like to know a way of reducing the chances of this happening. Best regards Jordan :)
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    Apologies for High Resource Usage

    Hello Would just like to apologise for high resource usage which had caused me to become suspended in the process. Before the suspension I was editing via MediaWiki that has been installed on to my site, but it became very slow - which may explain why there is high resources. I was just...
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    Can't execute SQL

    I have been notified by my customers that there is a problem when submitting a support ticket on my site. It says "Can't execute SQL" when submitting - I tried doing a test ticket to see if it happens to me too, and I have the same problem. I checked my admin area and they do go through...
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    PHP sessions sometimes works

    Hi Support Klemen, the maker of the Hesk support script has asked me to ask you why PHP sessions sometimes only work, and sometime's don't as I am having problems with the Hesk script on my site. This was my question to him: I keep having session expired errors when using the admin...
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    Website specified does not exist

    A page displaying the website specified does not exist is appearing on my domain. This is pretty random, and I'm unsuspended so no idea what is going on?
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    Databases = 0MB. No connection either.

    It looks like my site cannot connect to MySQL properly. I'm using Hesk Ticket Support, the database shows in CPanel, including users, tables and is set up correctly. However there is no connection as the Hesk Support shows "error, can't connect to database" I thought I'd install another php...
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    Is there a problem with Boru?

    Just wondering if there is any problem with Boru as I can't enter my website through the normal domain, nor any subdomains or redirections. Regards Jordan ---------- Post added 07-22-2010 at 12:43 AM ---------- Previous post was 07-21-2010 at 10:21 PM ---------- No worries. It was a...
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    Database cannot connect after import

    Sorry to bother you again Brandon I've created the database. Imported all tables. Created the same user which corresponds to the settings file inside the Hesk support. Added the user with all privileges to the database. However the database is not connecting still and is showing as 0MB...
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    Database to be added

    Hi there Is it possible to have databases restored now on the server, or is there additional steps that need to be taken. If so sorry for the thread, and congratulations on the upgrades! :) many thanks Jordan ---------- Post added at 08:56 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:20 PM...
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    Users missing when following the instructions

    When following the instruction on this thread: No users are in the list. The next part where you have to add the host was fine though and had no problems. Any idea on what to do?
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    MySQL database missing & phpMyAdmin is broke

    My, MySQL database is missing from my site. It was fine last night. However phpMyAdmin is not working either, it says: phpMyAdmin - Error #2002 - The server is not responding (or the local MySQL server's socket is not correctly configured) Is there a known problem with the databases...