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    Wordpress Error

    Good day, Hope everything is fine for our admins! It was just now when I tried accessing my website that I am being redirected to wp-admin/install.php Last thing I remembered I did earlier today was to update WP Flexible Shipping and WP Shipping Taxes (dunno exact plugin) Then everything is...
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    Free Disk Upgrade Request

    Hi there x10hosting TEAM! Hope all of us are coping during these times. I come for a request on upgrading my website disk space... Please let me know. Thank you in advance! :) Regards.
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    Products deleted in my Products Page

    Hello everyone! There is this weird situation wherein suddenly my website crashed. 1. Experienced open stream error: as far as I can remember, wc post php , flexible shipping php, shipping method info php, and class order php (Not sure because I have tried to edit the error lines just to make...
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    SSL Cloudflare not working.

    Hello everyone! Need your expertise. 1. I host my a free website via x10host. 2. I bought my own domain name - and added it as parked domain of my free website via x10host. 3. I want to activate Cloudflare Flexible SSL for but I get no status from my Cloudflare...