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    Amateur Site

    Check out my site: I've done designs before but they've all been horrible. I think this one has turned out okay. I'd really like your opinion on it though. I still have to add spacing for paragraphs. Then I'll style some other tags (img, blockquote, code, etc.). I...
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    2 Body Backgrounds

    Okay I'm trying to code this: Here is the site so you can see what I have so far: Here are my files for the background: http://localhost/test/images/backgroundgrad.png AND...
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    Account Not Linked

    I tried signing into the account panel, but I was told that my account is not linked. I just created this account about a week ago, and this is the first time I tried logging in. What should I do?
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    Wrong Email During Sign-Up

    So I entered my email incorrectly during sign-up, and now I can't confirm my account. Can I get my email address changed, or do I have to wait until x10 dumps my request for an account? EDIT My hosting account username is: xXJoker