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    mediawiki install problem

    hi when i install mediawiki it works properly except for the fact that whan i move the localsettings.php from to it tells me to install mediawiki please help
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    php config

    hi has the php config playing up as i was on intermediate and i now cant veiw my php pages
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    website problem

    when i bring my site up i get this mesage
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    New Site Builder

    where will i put my ads in do i use the sitebuilder app or do i edit them in script editor on my computer as well i get this error whe puting a analysitics code in
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    Admin access on scripts

    hi i am installing a forum gallery etc. . on my site. and i am wondering if am allowed to give people admin access to those scripts
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    Web page problems

    Though why does media wiki come up blank on my browser
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    Web page problems

    hi i am installing software in fantastico and also by upload and when i bring up the .php file it just goes blank for examle my media wiki setup page and go set up wiki it goes blank as well as softwarre installed in fantastico what can i do