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  1. callumacrae

    x10hosting Pumpkin Decorating Competition!

    With two short weeks left until Halloween we have decided to organize a pumpkin decorating competition. How it Works Decorate a pumpkin and upload a photograph of it to this thread. The judging will be by the x10 support team/community advocates. We will be judging based on creativity and...
  2. callumacrae

    CSS Abuse Not a line of JS on the entire site. Works in Chrome and Firefox, doesn't work in Opera and IE, works for some people in Safari but not others. Thoughts?
  3. callumacrae

    Happy birthday, Corey!

    26, according to the birthdays box :D
  4. callumacrae

    SQL help (possible a join)

    I have two tables: feed: - id - user_id - content friends: - id - user_id - user2_id Say (for example) that friends contains the following data: 0, 1, 4 1, 1, 6 2, 1, 12 3, 6, 1 3, 4, 1 3, 1, 15 3, 12, 6 feed contains the following data: 0, 1, 'Lorem Ipsum' 1, 2...
  5. callumacrae

    PHP Namespaces help

    I suck at namespaces. I'm trying to introduce namespaces into my framework (, but I kinda suck at it and am getting a random error I can't get rid of: Minimalisied code of what I'm trying to do here: Anyone...
  6. callumacrae

    c help

    So I suck at C and don't really understand it at all. I'm trying to rewrite the following code into c: <?php for ($i = 1, $count = null; $i <= 500000000; $i++) { $count .= substr_count($i, 1); } echo $count; So far I only have the following: #include...
  7. callumacrae

    Programming Help Rules and Guidelines

    A new generation of stupid posts has inspired me to write up some rules and guidelines for the Programming Help forums: Be specific Be specific when explaining your problem. Explain in detail what the problem is, and some background to the problem. Post an extract from your code if possible...
  8. callumacrae

    What are domain name pointers and can they be used?

    I couldn't think of a better place to put this, but it's regarding a VPS I will probably buy soon. What are domain name pointers? All I've found so far is that mine is something like 88-108-26-*** at the moment, and they're used as hostmask in IRC. Can they be set on...
  9. callumacrae

    Magic Quotes

    I'm trying to make a pastebin, how do I disable magic quotes? I'm obviously on x10hosting shared hosting, so I dont have php.ini access. says theres some code that can be added to htaccess, but that just made a 500 error. I don't want to have to remove the magic quotes in my PHP...
  10. callumacrae

    lynxphp I'm looking for thoughts about the theme, mostly. Some people say they hate it, others say they like it, what do you think of it? ~Callum
  11. callumacrae

    Template WPtheme

    Anyone know of an incredibly stripped down wordpress theme or frame? I'm trying to make my own, but can't make it from scratch :/ ~Callum
  12. callumacrae

    My latest design Any thoughts? Also, anyone know whether it is legal to base a theme (closely) off another, premium, theme? I didn't take any code or images, I just made it look like the other one. I would buy it but it costs $50 xD ~Callum
  13. callumacrae

    PHP magic methods

    So I'm like killing myself here. I want to use __get, but while static. There is a _callStatic, but no __getStatic. Is there any way round this? Currently I'm using: public static function get($name) { if(isset(self::$instances[$name])) {...
  14. callumacrae

    This thread

    you now have the final countdown playing in your head kthxbai ~Callum
  15. callumacrae

    let a = b

    let a = b -> a^2 = b^2 = ab -> a^2 - b^2 = a^2 - ab -> (a+b)(a-b) = a(a-b) divide by (a-b)... -> a+b = a as b=a.. -> a+a = a -> 2a = a divide by a.. -> 2 = 1 -> 1 = 0 (-1) -> a = 0 (*a) This proves that 1=2, 0=1, and in general, any number is equal to 0. confused ~Callum
  16. callumacrae


    Whats the best way to obfuscate a PHP file? ~Callum
  17. callumacrae

    Callum Macrae - reviews please :) I've finished the design (I didn't make it, btw) and the pages, I'm not posting any posts until I get my domain name. PLEASE BE CRITICAL :) A couple questions: The theme has no license. I downloaded it from the authors site (which also fails to mention...
  18. callumacrae

    PDO tutorial

    Just thought I'd share this with you. I found it VERY useful, and if you haven't changed to PDO already I would recommend doing so now :) ~Callum
  19. callumacrae

    Worst thing ever happened to your computer

    So what's the worst thing that's happened to anyones computer? Today I woke up to fine a 260gb log file, and couldn't shut it down until 280gb! It was doing about 1gb a minute, I worked out it has a total of 5343656617 errors (wc -l). Still working with the author of the script to work out...
  20. callumacrae

    Awstats vs Google Analytics

    Okay so both Analytics and Awstats are both saying completely different things. Which is most likely to be correct, and why is the other getting it so wrong? ~Callum