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    Cool simple file sharing site -

    Just discovered this site and I believe it other file hosts should take note. The site does not have any pop ups or intruding ads. Does not having a waiting time. Does not limit the amount of uploads or downloads. Does not delete your file after X amount of days. So, check it out...
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    MoniPage - Free Money by Creating Web Pages (Upto $4.00 p/visitor)

    Create free web pages with MoniPage and for every visitor to your page, MoniPage rewards you up to $4.00! Referral Link:
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    Cannot Access Site Hosted on Boru

    I cannot access my site hosted on Boru. On the odd occasion it does load it either displays the error below or basic HTML with no external stylesheets or scripts loaded. The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. Please advise, regards.
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    Account is Suspended

    My account is suspended for an unknown reason. I am unable to login to account panel. I suspect it is because of inactivity but I am not sure, could someone please un-suspend my account? Server: Chopin Username: x32 Account Username: X32Admin
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    Will Chopin get a new cPanel?

    My friend who has a free site on Lotus has got the "real" so to speak cPanel (some more features and real theme). I am wondering if the users of Chopin are going to recieve this "upgrade" ?
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    Cant view log files

    I am unable to view latest visitors/raw access logs via cpanel.