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    sudden 500 internal server error on my domain

    Haven't changed my website in years but suddenly last week I started getting the 500 internal server error message. Any idea how to fix?
  2. B still not updated/restored

    my site at has been down for over a month. the hosting server still says getupdated everything else says active and unsuspended My ID MMP1068374 the nameserver seemed to stop working at some point also. I used to have various subdomains for point...
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    site ( down for several weeks or both return broken links. they have been down for several weeks now. I opened a ticket a couple weeks ago, but there has been no response.
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    my site has been down for at least a day or both return broken links. I thought it was related to the absolut migration, but checking, it says my account is on fris now.
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    server side include and cgi stopped working

    I've had a server side include of a cgi program working on my website for the past year that stopped working all of a sudden. The cgi still works but the server side include returns this in the error log [Thu Aug 28 01:45:52 2008]...
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    server side include problem after unsuspension

    So my account got suspended after 10 days of inactivity (I had thought I had 2 weeks). So the account became unsuspended but with a few strange changes. Additions I made the day before the suspension were lost. (That was easy to fix). But for some inexplicable reason, the server side include...
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    site is up but not at my domain is pointed to what looks like an empty account on absolut but still works fine. used to point to my x10hosting site just fine up until now any thoughts?
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    weird error with perl and server side html

    I am new to x10 and am having weird problems with server side html and perl. In my index.shtml file, I use the following <!--#include virtual="cgi-bin/"--> (see below) is a perl script I wrote many years ago The weird thing is that print statements only seem to work near...