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    My Account was Suspended - Final Questions

    I recently had my x10Hosting account suspended, and as is normal, I submitted an appeal that is as follows... The x10Hosting team promptly replied... I would have liked to follow up to this response with a final word, but since I was unable to, I would like to post some comments and...
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    Port 43 Blocked on Absolut?

    Hello x10Hosting, Earlier today, when dealing with a spammer on my forum, I decided to look at their WhoIs information. phpBB has a built-in method of pulling for WhoIs data, and I noticed that it was not pulling for the data - the page would just load with no information on it at all. After...
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    Requesting upgrade to unlimited webspace.

    Hello x10Hosting, A while back, when I was new to x10Hosting, I happened to find this post, which explains the requirements that you need to meet in order to have your free account lifted of the 1GB limit. My account meets all of the requirements, and I would like to look into getting my account...
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    Advertising Available On My Forum: Pay For What You Get

    Hello, I am looking to sell advertising space on my forum. I use the Komoona advertising system, so you only pay for the advertising that you get. If you are interested in advertising on my forum, please fill out this form. Your advertisement submission will be reviewed by me, and if I approve...
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    Review The Programmer's World Forums

    Hello everyone, I would like people to please check out my forum at and provide me with some constructive criticism on how I can improve the forum. I am really struggling to create a better looking theme, mostly because I do not know as much PHP as I probably...