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    Wibiya toolbar chat

    I have read your TOS numerous times and follow your rules but i have a question. To my knowledge free accounts can't have any chat scripts or shoutboxes. My Wibiya toolbar allows and has a built in flash chat. i can add or remove it at my will. Since this is hosted by them and doesn't require...
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    HellSheep said Mysql is resolved.. but not for me.

    i read the news and updates about chopin and as my title goes.. Mine doesn't work. ---------- Post added at 12:23 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:08 AM ---------- oh wait a minute.. im on stoli i think.. hmm. no news about stoli mysql then. ---------- Post added at 12:30 AM ----------...
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    error 414

    I have already checked the threads so i didn't double up on the samething like this MySql problem but i keep getting a... 414 REQUEST-URL Too Large Screenshot link just a FYI. It is getting annoying but i'll be ok :)
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    delete forum account

    Im not sure how i managed to have 2 forum accounts but i would like for somone to delete the forum account "gster84" because i believe "gster1984" is the one i need linked with my hosting account.
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    my domain is down

    Why do i have to log in over and over and over when i access cPanel. I have to re-log in for any kind of change. I also have to log in 2-3 times before i can even get in my cPanel. is this a issue with my password maybe? but ive never had issues till lately and ive used you guys since 09...
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    ftp server disk full?

    when i try to upload files via ftp it tells me disk is full. [9/14/2010 7:16:54 AM] 552 Disk full - please upload later ERROR:> [9/14/2010 7:16:54 AM] Exceeded storage allocation. I understand it says try later but its been like this for a couple hours now and no, my website...
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    please get me back in business. thanks guys! ---------- Post added at 03:11 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:41 AM ---------- i guess i should have a little more info.. i was suspended for inactivity before all that big server mess.. even though i log in regularly. Even when i go to...
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    forums hacked

    My forums recently were hacked into and spammed like crazy with over 7k members all sending out emails and such. I was worried about what happened and deleted the database as well as the directory and anything related. I have just re-uploaded and installed a brand new version of phpbb3 forums...
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    I only like to post in the review my sites forum

    is this ok? i mean.. i would only assume it doesn't matter where i stay active.. as long as i do, correct? i havn't had a inactivity suspension... i just wanted to clear this up real quick because i dont want to get one... so i will avoid this all together with this simple quick question...
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    Review my site please

    :lockd:Hello x10 community. This is my first post here and since i guess you must stay active in the forums atleast once every 2 weeks to my knowledge, I figured i might ask you all what you think? Remember that it's only about 75% done and i still want to add a ton more of content and my...