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    please review my site's new design

    Really loving the color blocks; light green and dark grey on a white background unifies your color scheme, and definitely reinforces the image of your site as a "fun"/info-savvy portal. The white space is great for focusing attention on your content. I would consider changing the color of the...
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    Are You Going To Buy Call of Duty: Black Ops

    MW2 was a great experience--kind of short, honestly, and with not that much replay value. Some of the sniper missions where you had to move slowly and often ended up failing the mission were pretty infuriating. Nonetheless, I'm a huge fan of the CoD franchise and most likely would try, if not...
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    "There is no website configured at this address"

    I didn't meddle with anything! I don't know why it's not working, but it's really hurting the functionality of my site...if someone could please help me, thanks so much! username: cswong site: Edit I can get onto cpanel, and in the file manager, all my files are there, but I just...
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    "There is no website configured at this address"

    Hi, I'm having major problems with my site (and at the worst time, too; ugh, Murphy). Even at 3 AM yesterday, I was able to get to my site ( After posting about a problem with the domain not changing in the address bar as I change from page to page, I woke up this...
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    Domain/subdomain problem: URL in address bar doesn't change?

    Hi everyone, My site,, uses the Advanced plan and uses Joomla CMS. I just got a domain transferred to me. When I got the owner to point the dns to and when I went under "Modify Account" and changed my domain to "", everything worked...
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    hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! My name is Charlene, hailing from New Jersey. I play the electric guitar, and I'll be learning the bagpipes this summer. Just thought I'd pop by and say hello!
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    My name's Charlene, I hail from New Joisey... No really. I hear lots of people talking with that accent. xD Makes me laugh sometimes. What can I say about myself? I like history, reading history, defending history from my friends' insults, and making up my own history. Which is always fun...