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    Ok guys Im very very very very very UPSET! Ive been working all god damn day under 1 article and after I publish, today when I just opened My WebSite, I realize that all databases has been downgraded (or updated what ever) to the previous backup date and now I don't have that article! GOSH...
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    [HELP] MySQL error!!!!

    I still have MySQL error even if U update is done! Just check it out my website !!!Im on Chopin! Sincerely noivel
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    HTML <select> FORM ?

    Hi dears Im pretty newbi in HTML just started to learn it and I have a question, I guess for most of U it will be easy to answer! I have a select form: <select> <option value="">Choose Your Provider</option> <option value="http://localhost/pawnagecentral-servers/pcs.html">PawnageCentral...
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    GameHosting which CMS ???

    Hey Guys Im totally confused so Im sorry if this thread opened in wrong section but this on is nost related to my question so. What kinda a CMS is better for GameHosting? (For example Could U tell me which CMS use this 2 sites and And Is anybody saw some good...
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    PHP mail ???

    I would like to know is the php mail function is available on free hosting?
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    Confused with my Suspension?

    Hello Ive got my account suspension today and reason was "Accounts are suspended for usage when they are detected to have consistently high cpu usage, memory usage, or process amounts." I didnt understant what that means I already submit unsuspend ticket but I no wanna this happen again, so...
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    Review My Valve Games Portal!

    Ok this is my 1 web site i hope not the last one. I still have some issues with my tempalte for Opera Browser. But Any way I wanna know U opinion about it Also check the Forum Also Im deeply sorry if I posted this in wrong...
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    Can U advise some good PTC service for WAP sites (smartphone version)?

    Hi people My web site support WAP version. I mean it shows different template for visitors with cell phone. And I would like to know some good PTC services for WAP sites. Ill be really appreciated. If Ull tellme some one of them coz Im using only adsense.
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    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocum

    domaine server type Chopin.x10 Dont know everything was cool! But then i try to open my page and get this mistake!!! When I connected to the my FTP it shows emty folder all files missed !!! WTH please reply me fast as U can !!!