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    Terms of Service Question

    I have a question regarding the Terms of Service in particular File Hosting: I am setting up a forum on Commercial Aircraft and there will be a section on the forum for users to upload aircraft photos and videos. Will this violate the terms of service? Forum link:
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    Hi All, I have a question, I have images on my website that I got from the internet that is related to my website is it okay if I have a text document that contains where I got each image on my account to prove I am not infringing copyright?
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    Account Upgrade

    I would like my account be upgraded to the adfree-infinity plan. Thank you
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    Old email accounts

    Hi, I have an old email account that i cannot delete in my cPanel, the error i get is "Account does not exist". The account that needs to removed is: admin@ Thank you
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    Account problem

    Hi, I logged in to the account panel to access my cPanel and on the first page in the yellow box it has: Forum Account active username joshua1 » Visit Paid Hosting active » View Details but i don't have a paid...
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    phpbb forum still having problem

    Hi All, website: server: chopin I am still having a problem with my phpbb forum i have flushed my dns cache, i have re created mySQL User, but it does make any difference I was getting MySQL errors before but i am now getting a 500 Internal Server Error...
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    phpBB forum problem

    Hi All, website: cPanel username: jcrook server: chopin my website has not been working properly since the server i am on chopin was upgraded, i keep getting SQL errors and when i can access my website when i try to do something i get SQL errors for...
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    phpBB forum problem

    Hi All, website: server: chopin since the server upgrade was done on chopin my phpBB forum has developed a problem, when i try to do anything on it i am getting error messages for example: General Error SQL ERROR [ mysqli ] Lost connection...
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    New member

    Hi All, I am new to x10 hosting