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  1. hardsteal20

    Guess Who Posts Next

    I dont have printer attached to my PC... :) I hope next one wold be having a good website! :tongue:
  2. hardsteal20

    I need code automatic send database to the email

    May be if you want your databse updates to sent to your mail. You can use cron jobs, It send mails with new database entries.
  3. hardsteal20

    40000 Jokes WP Database

    It's nice collection how to download it? :redface:
  4. hardsteal20

    Pagination problem with mod_rewrite

    Actually, you are right! I wrote this [^\/] because I want that my link should not end up with a '/' . But as you said it's cropping the last character in the URL. :confused: And THANX a lot for helping me out! :rolleyes:
  5. hardsteal20

    Pagination problem with mod_rewrite

    Thanx for your reply, But I don't wanna change the URL structure now [I may need to change internal links too. :( ] But would try "?". 8)
  6. hardsteal20

    Pagination problem with mod_rewrite

    In my site I have forum and I use mod_rewrite for getting theme name in URL. I used this in .htaccess RewriteRule ^forum\:topic\=([0-9]+)-(.*)[^\/]$ forum.php?thread=$1&title=$2 [NC,L] But I want to add '&p=1' at the end of url for pagination. But not working. Right now my URL is...
  7. hardsteal20

    How many times you check your facebook account everyday?

    Oh this post reminded me to login to facebook! :p