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  1. diethylamide

    Addon domain not working

    Hello, After my old domain expired I got a new (different) one and set it up as an addon domain in cPanel, but the change hasn't seemed to take effect anywhere outside cPanel. The new domain doesn't work, and my account control panel still shows my old domain's settings under "Modify Domain"...
  2. diethylamide

    Home directory gone (Boru)

    Hello, the home directory for my account "artnc" was unfortunately deleted as a result of the upgrades. I read about Illuminated upgrades as compensation..? Any help appreciated.
  3. diethylamide

    Password change pending 16+ hrs?

    Earlier today I changed my cPanel password, but the update status is still shown as "process wait". I was wondering whether this is normal or something went wrong? It hasn't been an overly long wait yet, but still... 16 hours to change a password :(