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    Can't log in - been trying for 4 or 5 weeks now.

    Hi, We (+ user auriclux) have been trying to log in for 4-5 weeks now. We log in on Sundays to keep the account current, but have been unsuccessful for a long time. And we have not been able to reset the password - we have tried a couple times. This is a second attempt at opening a support...
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    Problem w/ CPanel login

    I've been waiting for things to settle down. I've just tried to log in to my CPanel but could not. What now? Thanks, Susanna
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    Can one search the contents of files for a string?

    e.g. Can I start at /public_html and search all files (or all .php files) for the string "DIR_WS_TEMPLATE". I didn't see that option in the file manager. Thanks.
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    DumbNoobQ? Calling Zen Cart main_page

    Hello, Zen Cart recently issued a security upgrade and directory naming convention change which I followed. After this, I can't seem to navigate into the Zen Cart product. I get a blank page - though not for the reasons I've followed over on the Zen Cart Forum. The navigation worked before...
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    cPanel: login error - Update post sez Stoli 100%

    Hi, I've opened a ticket, but perhaps I need to ask here. Corey's Update post states that Stoli is at 100% and invites tickets - so I did. My basic problem is that I get the login error from cPanel when I enter my username and password. I realize that there may be a problem because my...
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    Are people on the net saner than they used to be?

    I was reading the Zen Cart Wiki, there is a section admonishing users to be polite, understanding, and careful in their phrasing. On reading this, it occurred to me that I have not stumbled onto the non-stop flame wars that were so common in my memory. Now, I guess that I should include that...
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    SiteReptile/ftp acct error

    Hi, I added a .info domain to my .com domain and tried to use SiteReptile on the .info domain. I get the following error in step 2: Warning! Domain doesn't point to susanna account I was able to use SiteReptile earlier - but the .info domain was parked at the time...
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    How often is server status page updated?

    Hi, I've been checking for the status of Stoli and I'm not sure that the indicated status matches the real status. i.e. my site will be available even though this page indicates that Stoli is 'offline'. Is this the correct page to check for...
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    Hi. I'm here hoping to start selling my handmade natural beauty products online. And I have a lot to learn. So, first I'm learning my way around here and I saw where introductions are in order. I'm also now off to use the search function on my first dumb question: "What does 'adfree' as an...