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    x10 is best one

    Yo !!
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    How to register a domain through x10hosting

    Welcome to x10 by the way :naughty:
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    Hello, everybody!

    welcome bro. hope you enjoy your stay with x10 :)
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    sup all

    Sup bro ... me on wireless tooooo ... :)
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    Hey dude, welocome to X10. Hope you enjoy your stay here and may your website shine ... :cool:
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    Earn a great amount of Money

    True ... better time is spent on building websites .. :cool:
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    GammaBux - another way to earn money

    wow ... 300 clicks for 3 bucks ... i doubt they have that many advertisers ... no offence ... :happysad:
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    Earn $$$ with new per-file-download program

    Sounds OK. Especially if they become as big as Rapid ... but to reach $10 worth of downloads means a lot of effort in advertising your links. I think you would do better with some affoliate programs ... :cool:
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    Hello world!

    Hey welcome to x10 bro ... how you have fun as we all do :)
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    Hi all!

    Hey, Welcome and I well you well in your endevour
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    Standard Intro, Ready Go:

    Well, people do read. Welcome aboard the best webhosts i have ever seen ... :)
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    Just saying hi

    Welcome bro ... truly said. X10 is the best around here. Don't think any company can beat them. Great Job by them and we all appreciate it. :)
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    Huge List Of Free MMO Games

    Super List. Will definately try some of them soon. i personally like and But I have also been playing Travian more recently ... very very time consuming i feel.
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    Hello everyone. Happy new year

    Hey, Happy New Year to you too !!!
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    cant access my cp

    4 days :(
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    Control Panel Setup

    Hmm .. hope I get my e-mail quick ... I am getting bored :(
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    Control Panel Setup

    Hi, Just wanted to know, when does the control panel get activated. It's been i guess 2 days. Is it normal, or does this require some attention. Appreciate the help. Thanks :cool:
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    Hello everyone. Nice to be here. Still waiting for my website to get ready. but i am sure it will be worth the wait. Thanks :cool: