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    Help with Suspention and reporting a unknown redirect on my account

    Hi, I've just come back from a 5 month trip but i checked in at least once a week with the forum and was able to log in to my account today. I was busy using fantastico to creating a new site when I saw a redirect on my account I didn't recognize ( When I went...
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    Need help winning a bet in KAW

    Hi, First off you need a ipod/iphone/ipad to be able to help me. So I play a game called Kingdoms at War (KAW) on my Iphone and a friend bet me that they could get the max recruiter badge before me. So I need as many people to use my ref # in the game as possible. Here's how you can help...
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    Hair Crazy, Or Hair Brain

    Well's here's what I've been busy with lately. Original 1 Original 2 Original 3
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    Deaths Hounds

    Beware the hounds of death as they will hunt you all your life.
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    3D Hair Wave

    What do ya think. 3D Hair wave Remember to look at the full view version.
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    What do you see first? (Warning LARGE Image)

    Made from scratch the actual size is 1650 x 1200 Please post the first image you see.
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    Audrey Hepburn A Sketch I did of Audrey Hepburn, all freehand. what do ya think?
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    Holy Warrior Critique and comments please
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    Time for a Drive

    Take a look and critique. Time For a Drive This was done on my PC not my laptop so RAM wasn't a issue as it was with Deaths Memory.
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    Deaths Memory

    Check it out and post what you think.
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    Critique Please

    Please scale it 1-10 but also leave a comment WHY you think it get that score. (i.e. what you like/don't like about it.) Here's a link to the image. (please image click for bigger view.) Little Miss Sure Shot...
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    Interface Critique

    This is one of three Interface's I'm doing for one of my Clients. It's not finished as you can see but this is milestone 1 for the first one so I thought I'd get your thoughts on it. I've scaled it down quite a bit as the actual size is something like 5000 x 4000
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    Sweeny Todd Poster V1 (700KB be warned)

    Ok I'd Like to here what you think of this as a poster for the movie "Sweeny Todd". I'm in a contest to make one for Sony that ends on December 11th Midnight PST so I need your input before then. Everythings made from scratch except the image and two of the tribals but I even modified those...
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    sub-domain name change

    I'd like to chance my sub-domain from "" to "" if thats taken maybe "" thanks in advance.
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    New Design

    Id Like your comments on this one Id also like you to compare it with Lady Of The Lake and tell me which you prefer. (Click To Goto my Deviant Page And See Full Version)
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    Dunagain Castle

    Comments & Critique Please. Do you like it? Hate it? could it be better? all thoughts welcome so SPEAK UP!!! Dunagain Castle
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    Lady Of The Lake

    Made These For A DeviantArt Competition. Which do you like better? Lady Of The Lake: (Click To Goto my Deviant Page And See Full Version) Lady Of The Lake Day Time Version: (Click To Goto my Deviant Page And See Full Version) I want some comments please.
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    Contest Entrys

    ok the contest is to create skin for a scion and id like to hear what you think about some of my entrys 1: 2: 3: 4:
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    Thought Id post some of the fonts i use in my designs. Depending on the reaction i might post some more :D There are over 1300 OpenType fonts in the first file! Enjoy
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    500 internal server error?

    A Little Help Please? heres the link: this is the error